Did Good Good Golf Split Up?

Some queries surrounding Good Good Golf have been topping the search trends lately. These rumors claim that Good Good Golf has split up, or will split up. Is this true though? Let’s find out!

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Good Good Golf | Who Are they?

Good Good Golf is a Brand / YouTube Channel dedicated to Golf. Good Good Golf consists of six members who invest their time and resources into posting golf trick shots, advice, and resources to help golfers improve their game.

The Good Good Golf Members are – Garrett Clark, Micah Morris, Matt Scharff, Stephen Castaneda, Thomas Bubbie Broders, and Grant Horvat. However, as of the time of this publication, Grant and Micah have left the group, putting the number of Good Good Members down to four instead of six.

How Did The Good Good Golf Guys Meet?

Garrett Clark and Micah Morris, founder and co-founder of Good Good Golf are cousins. Discussing how they met should be a separate topic, as they are family. As for the rest of Good Good, Garrett and Steve are best friends that go way back. They’ve been friends since they were kids, and their parents have been friends since before they were born, so the two are family friends.

Matt and Steve hated each other when they first met. There were comments about them going to the same college but not knowing each other at the time. Bubbie met Garrett and Steve in Warzone. He said this in the podcast titled – How Bubbie Got Into Good Good. Grant and Garrett kicked off their friendship in 2021, and not long after, Grant joined Good Good.

Did Good Good Golf Split Up?

Why would Good Good or any group split up for that matter? Because they can’t stand being in each other’s space anymore. It could be that one member does not do enough for the group relationship. This can happen if one person doesn’t put enough effort into the relationship like the others, or if they don’t show the team that they care.

But what if I told you this isn’t the case with the Good Good guys?


Did Good Good Break Up?

Despite the controversies making rounds on social media about the Good Good Members supposedly splitting up, Good Good Golf is still a team, so “split up” might not be the word to best describe their current situation!

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Is Good Good Golf Starting To Break Up?

Only three years after their online debut, the Good Good Golf Members are starting to break up, or not quite! It is true that the members are not at the same number as when they started, but this is nothing strange when it comes to working as a team.

Remember that Bubbie and Grant were not in the picture when Good Good first started. Thankfully, they came along and contributed in what the team has become today. Nonetheless, change is something inevitable, and for Good Good, this change is taking the form of exiting members.

Is Good Good Golf Still Together?

Technically, Good Good Golf has not split up, they are still together. However, the team has had to say Goodbye to two of their members – Micah and Grant.

A study by Pew Research Center shows that people who golf more than one hour per week are less likely to break up with their partner. This is because they often have a routine of going to the same place, playing at the same time, and eating the same thing.

It’s very similar to taking your dog for a walk! Some studies tell you that when two people who are having conflict in their relationship take a break from each other, and go out and play golf together, their conflict will most definitely end.

So why would Good Good Split?!

Good Good Golf is still the same when they are apart. Of course, they can’t always play together, but if they can communicate through text and emails, they can keep their relationship alive while on their different schedules. They can also take advantage of technology like Skype or FaceTime to keep the connection strong.

For instance, Micah Morris has not been showing up on the screens of Good Good Golf, especially the Good Good Golf Cup, because he has been training hard to beat the Korn Ferry Tour. Of course, his actions are not deliberate as there’s a good reason. So it’s not a suprise that he’d want to dedicate more time to his family and career.

The Good Good Guys always make an effort to spend time together whenever they get the chance to play together. If you are on a golf team, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from each other while you’re both on different schedules.

You shouldn’t feel the need to rush back together every day just because one of you has a busy schedule. If this is something that works for your golfing relationship, then, by all means, keep it going!

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Micah And Grant Left Good Good

We all love Grant for his liveliness and cool relationship with the Guys. Of course, Good Good wouldn’t be the same with Grant and Garrett’s constant bickering, or Micah’s off-the-chart comments. This season, Grant made his exit from the Good Good Crew, only a few weeks after Micah left Good Good.

From Grant and Micah’s statements about leaving the group, you would find that their decisions center around pursuing a serious career in Golf and focusing on their families. Both guys have been honest with themselves about how far they’ve come and how much more work is ahead of them. Even though they are setting themselves up for success, we’d miss them a whole lot. 

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Tig is known for accepting bad days as a part of life, and not giving up when they happen. He has been up and running for the Korn Ferry Tour. Tig who is known for his impressive swings, said he will focus on improving his golf game and qualify for the Korn Ferry Tour in 2022. This is a dream he’s already fulfilling.

From Tig’s absence from the Good Good Cup season to exposing his current standing with Good Good, he has made it clear that his exit from Good Good is not because of any rift, but due to focusing on his life, career, and moving forward. It is a decision Micah thoroughly pondered over before making a move.

Golf Tip Of The Day!

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Fairways are the ideal place to practice good golf. There’s no pressure, so it gives you a chance to try out new things without worrying about performing under pressure. You can play by yourself or with friends, so it’s easy to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Once you find a routine that works well for you, stick with it. Then keep practicing until you reach your goal. Good golf is made up of both skill and temperament, so both are essential if you want to be successful in the long run.