GM Golf Girlfriend Breakup: Real Name, Age, Bio, Career, Handicap, Net Worth (2023)

gm golf girlfriend real name, breakup, age, bio, career, net worth (2023)

Garrett Clark, also known as GM Golf, is a popular American Golf Content Creator and YouTuber. He gained recognition for his entertaining and humorous golf videos that feature challenges, course vlogs, and trick shots. Not only does he showcase his skills and love for the sport, but he also engages with his audience by providing golf tips and tutorials.

In this article, you'll find out:
- What is GM Golf real name?

- GM Golf Early Life & Bio 

- GM Golf Career  & Good Good

- Who is GM Golf Girlfriend?

- Did GM Golf break up with his girlfriend?

- How old is GM Golf?

- What is GM Golf Handicap? 

- GM Golf Net Worth 

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What is GM Golf real name?

GM Golf’s real name is Garrett Clark. With about 894k subscribers fast approaching 900k on his YouTube channel, a total watch time of 205.4 million views, and over 750K followers on his Instagram, Garrett Clark continues to make waves as a prominent golfer in the web space. It’s not a wonder why several golf enthusiasts that follow Good Good and their expeditions don’t know GM Golf’s real name as Garrett Clark.

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GM Golf Early Life & Bio 

Garrett Clark, born on April 8, 2000, in Kansas, United States, grew up with a passion for golf. Being the only child of his parents, Garrett started playing the sport at a young age and competed in tournaments throughout his childhood. His dedication and talent for golf led him to create the brand and channel Good Good. Garrett’s Dad’s name is Jerry Clark, and his cousin is Micah Morris. Micah Morris co-founded Good Good with Garrett but has currently exited the group to pursue his golf career and focus on his family life.

GM Golf Career & Good Good

In-between and after his studies, GM Golf played golf. Garrett’s love for golf and his entrepreneurial spirit drove him to found the YouTube channel “Good Good” in July, 2020. Good Good is a collaborative golf channel that features a group of friends, including Garrett Clark, Matt Scharff, Thomas Broders, and Stephen Castaneda as the founding members, with Mason Greene and Ben Haddon as the new members. The squad witnessed the exit of two pillar members last year 2022, namely; Micah Morris and Grant Horvat.

Together, the Good Good Guys compete in various golf challenges. The channel gained popularity quickly, and GM Golf emerged as one of the primary faces of the group.

With 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube as of June 2023, a total watch time of over 280 million views, and almost 600K followers on Instagram, Good Good Golf has made a lasting statement for golf enthusiasts and continues to post golfing tips and resources.

Who is GM Golf Girlfriend?

GM Golf’s girlfriend is unknown as of the time of this publication. Many thoughts have surrounded the identity of GM Golf’s girlfriend, and many speculations point to Claire Hogle because of the relationship she and Garrett share on and off the course.

Claire Hogle often appears in Garrett’s videos and is supportive of his golfing endeavors. She also shares a passion for golf and is occasionally featured participating in challenges and vlogs on GM Golf’s YouTube channel.

But overall, Claire and Garrett have continually tagged their relationship as only good friends and nothing more. And for this reason, the Claire Hogle X Garrett Clark ship continues.

Did GM Golf break up with his girlfriend?

As of now, there is no public information indicating that GM Golf and his girlfriend have broken up, and that is because the lots of people don’t know whether GM Golf was in a relationship to start with. Relationships can be private, so it’s always best to rely on official announcements or statements from the individuals involved.

What is GM Golf Age?

GM Golf, Garrett Clark, was born on April 8, 2000. As of the current year, 2023, he is 23 years old.

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What is GM Golf’s Handicap? 

GM Golf is a plus Handicap. This judgement was put forth by popular YouTube golfer, commentator and sports enthusiasts, Rick Shiels. In one of our previous posts, we reviewed how Rick Shiels judged the handicap of each Good Good member. Check out the full gist here ⇒

GM Golf Net Worth

GM Golf estimated net worth as of June 2023 is $1.5 million, with quarterly earnings rounding up to $300K.