Why Did Grant Horvat Leave Good Good?

The new topic making the rounds is that a second member of Good Good has left the building, and this news is coming just after hearing of Micah Morris’s exit from Good Good.

Remember that Good Good Golf Guys are listed among the 100 most influential people in Golf in the year 2022, and one of the fastest-growing golf Youtube channels. On YouTube and other social media, the lads have a sizable fan base. Extensively, the Good Good Golf Brand has become incredibly popular and influential in the sport.

And there’s Grant Horvat and Micah Morris. The majority of people believe Micah left Good Good because of a rift with the guys, even though he released a statement clarifying that there’s no beef involved and that he is only inclined towards focusing on his family and pursuing a pro career in Golf.

As for Grant, many people don’t believe a rift is the case with his rumored exit from the crew, especially because he has maintained a good relationship with the guys of Good Good as far as eyes can see. As a result, news about his possible and currently confirmed exit from Good Good came as a shock to many followers of GG.

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Did Grant Horvat Leave Good Good?

Grant Horvat confirmed his exit from Good Good in a podcast he released this December 5th, 2022, on his YouTube Channel tagged – Good Good Explanation. Grant admitted in the video that deciding to quit Good Good was one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make. He began the video by saying how appreciative he is to have the

He said there will always be a special place in his heart for all the memories and the things he shared with the guys of Good Good Golf. Also, Grant mentioned that a lot of the messages he received and the narratives played online were only mere assumptions drawn out by some people.



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He emphasized how open-ended many topics are online and how what you see is not always what it seems. Grant claimed that during his time with the guys, he was given a number of opportunities, but he is unwilling to give up any of them.

Grant showed his appreciation for everyone in his vicinity and dispelled rumors of outside interference. He said that nobody outside of himself had any influence on him. Grant admitted that he gave his decision to leave Good Good a lot of thought and prayer. Contrary to popular belief, his choice to leave took some time.

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Why did Grant Leave the Good Good house?

Some of the things Grant revealed in the podcast which many people may take home as part of his reason for leaving the Good Good is that he wants to be able to spend more time with his Dad. Grant mentioned traveling to Florida to spend time with his Dad. He also revealed that he would work harder on his personal YouTube Channel and continue to share his golf experiences with his Fan-base, considering how Golf is his passion.

Additionally, the Guys of Good Good Golf released a podcast titled – Goodbye Grant and Micah, on their official YouTube Channel. In the video, the members of Good Good were seated together to talk about Grant and Micah’s exit from Good Good and to respond to some of the comments about the tending GG Topics.

Garrett made it clear in the video that Grant and Micah’s choice to quit Good Good was not motivated by conflict or discord as many people imagine; rather, their decision was firmly based on their aspirations to prioritize their families and careers, which the other members accept.

Remember when Grant and Micah recently did a Good Good week series? Many Good Good fans have expressed how much they will miss seeing the boys together.

Ultimately, the Good Good golf members have confirmed that both the members and ex-members of the channel will continue to stick together like the brothers that they are, and that Micah and Grant’s exit from the brand doesn’t mean they would not maintain contact and engage in future collaborations.

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Did Grant leave Good Good

Did Grant Horvat Leave Good Good
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From a broad perspective, one would say that many sincere Good Good followers understand the importance of growth and don’t think any of the guys in Good Good are upset about each channel growing since joining the team.


“The issue is the abruptness of everything.”


The reactions from the members have a lot to do with being grateful for what the Channel provided them. This doesn’t mean staying forever but communicating better and giving the team the respect they deserve.

But ultimately, we wish them nothing but the best!