Bob Does Sports Real Name, Unknown Facts [UPDATED 2024]

Now, who wouldn’t adore the backstory of how ‘Bob Does Sports’ creator and social media and YouTube icon Fat Perez met his partner? That’s a tale for another day, by the way!

Bob Does Sports, the comedian who started the social media frenzy, originally desired a platform with a variety of sports. But as luck would have it, his golf-related videos connected with viewers the most, thus Bob Does Golf is now entirely focused on the sport we all cherish. If you’re not one of the 330,000 followers of the team on Instagram, visit the account (@bobdoessports) to see what they’re up to on course.

What is Bob Does Sports Real Name?

Robby Berger is the actual Bob Does Sports. On a Subpar edition of the channel, Robby Berger and one of his sidekicks on Bob Does Sports, Fat Perez, discussed how they came to work together. Although Robby only recently started playing golf, FP revealed to Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on the Subpar podcast that he has been golfing for as long as he can remember, and has even played at the Division III level in his High School days.

Fat Perez’s side of the story 

Perez started attending Berger’s Zoom happy hours during Covid after learning about some of Berger’s early work with Bob Does Sports from a friend and following the account on Instagram. Robby was nearby when I was in Pinehurst with my wife that weekend, and we got together for drinks and dinner, according to Perez. “Come play second round with us,” he said. FP said he continued to play golf after that.

Perez no longer works for public accounting firms or investment funds for commercial real estate; instead, he devotes all of his time to Bob Does Sports. Robby recalled being shocked when he saw the name “Fat Perez” on his Happy Hours Zoom, particularly because Perez was obviously dialing in while “pounding drinks” in a booth.

Robby Berger’s side of the story 

Bob does sports real name

Bob Does Sports said when Fat Perez came in, he just lit it up. And then they found out how good of a golfer he is, and asked that he join the team.