What is Bob Does Sports Handicap?

You might be a fan of Good Good, Bob Does Sports, Rick Shiels And Regecy, among others, if you’ve been watching YouTube Golf since 2020. Undoubtedly, many fans were smitten by Bob Does Sports’ clips when they first popped up on the YT screen last year.

But uploading one video per week of a scramble or match with cold cuts featuring Perez starting to get played out, made many followers hope Bob and the guys mix and spice things up in the future!

Some think the channel should bring back their Before The Round footage, since after all, it’s what makes them classic and relatable. Others like to observe golfers who barely make it to their tee slots while snagging lattes and pastries.

But the remaining percent want to know Bob Does Sports Handicap, and that’s why we’re here. Let’s find out!

What is Bob Does Sports Handicap?

Even though Robert Berger’s precise handicap is unknown, many golf enthusiasts can guess what it might be. For one, we are aware of Robert’s exceptional swinging performance. As a result, his handicap ought to be significantly better than normal and favorable by most metrics.

Don’t think this is enough assurance?

The content below is a good place to begin your judgement from!

Watching GM Golf video with Bob Does Sports, the Good Good Guys, and Rick Shiels – what would you rate his handicap to be? For one, the vibes in the Perez/Jet cart were simply unmatched. We would also give some props to Bob and Joey D for their improvement. They played some good golf, and this proves that, two episodes every week could really be the difference.

As for Bob Does Sports Handicap, Bob and Cutsy are getting too good for a fair 2v1, no doubt! We saw the absolute clutch putt from Jet at the end of the vid, which was unreal by the way.  Bob would pass off as a perfect example of learning good technique and slowly adding power. His game is becoming really well-rounded and predictable.

Many ardent fans would agree that Bob is the most improved golfer on YouTube. Not long from now, we should be expecting big things from him. Fat Perez keeps getting more dialed in. We adore the dude for being a real grip out on the course!


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Bob Does Sports | Foreseeing 

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The Bob Does Sports Boys are still entertaining. But it would be good to see some Off The Course clips. Adding Perez refreshed the channel for many followers, but at the same time, fans think the guys need to show more pre game clips with Bob messing with cold cuts.


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Of course, there’s still the Fat Perez vs pat perez showdown that many Bob Does Sports Fans have been anticipating.

One of Bob Does Sports blockbuster videos from where many fans would claim they discovered their channel is the one tagged –  “taking my friend to the worst golf course”. It’s not unusual that their four-man scrambles are entertaining because it’s them against the course and everybody else because they began their journey with old vids and whatnot.

Even at that, the Fat Perez VS videos aren’t the same…

We certainly love the four-man scramble vs foreplay, and you would agree that we need more of that from the guys. Not long ago, we saw Josh Allen wearing a Have A Day hat in an interview. Fairway golf vids are just a lot funnier when the right guys are with you.

Did you see the Bob Does Sports Guts play on Bryson’s channel? That was a touch different. Even though some ardent fans wish that the full BDS crew, the fun wasn’t unhinged with the pairings. Nevertheless, collaboration is the direction we love to see Bob Does Sports going.