What is Fat Perez Handicap?

One of the most well-liked sports in the world is golf. A lot of talent and practice are needed for this physically demanding sport. Many golfers are famous for their exceptional golfing abilities, and one of the more famous golfers is Fat Perez.

Despite having a huge Fan-base, Fat Perez is an active golfer. He is a professional golfer who appears in Golf videos on YouTube with the crew of Bob Does Sports and Fore Play Golf.

Because golf is a sport that requires both physical and mental strength and skill, you need to be strong and have good eyesight to play golf well. Golfers should also have good control over their bodies as they swing their clubs.

All of this combined makes golf very difficult, which is why it’s not suitable for weak people or those with poor fitness levels. Anyone can learn how to play golf, but it takes practice and dedication to become a good golfer.

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What is Fat Perez’s Handicap?

Fat Perez’s exact handicap is not stated, but most avid golfers can make an estimate. We do know that Fat Perez does excellently with his euro steps. As a result, his handicap should be well above average and considered good by most standards.

Even though Fat Perez has a YouTube channel where he explains how to play golf, he has admitted to not being good at golf from the beginning. He explains various golf moves such as Grip Harder, Club Selection, Footwork, and Target Identification in his videos. He also explains how to grip your club correctly so that you can hit your shots properly without twisting your wrists too much during your swing (which can be painful).

Fat Perez explains all these golf basics with very relatable experiences. It’s not hard to see why he stands out in the web space. By entertainingly explaining golf fundamentals, Fat Perez has a lot to offer the golfing community.

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The Fat Perez Golf

With over 120,000 followers on his Instagram, FP practices golf and records instructional videos. He claims to have many years of cumulative experience playing golf, and he now shares his sporting exploits with his fans online.
The professional golfer “Fat Perez” is the subject of numerous web memes as well.

The most well-known instance was when he was captured on camera eating spicy chicken while playing golf in one of his uploads. When people started sharing pictures of themselves online while eating food and going about their daily lives, the internet went crazy.

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There are claims that some FP Stans dubbed the trend ‘Golfing While Fat’ as it is sometimes seen as difficult for someone as large as Fat Perez to swing a club correctly whilst still maintaining adequate posture and balance whilst sitting down and eating.

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What is Fat Perez handicap
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Golf is a physically challenging sport that requires strength, patience, and skill from its players. Many famous golfers have shown their prowess in the sport by winning international tournaments and gaining fame among sports enthusiasts worldwide.

One of such golfer is @TheFatPerez, who has exceptional golfing ability thanks to his years of experience playing the game. Despite being termed as overweight in many scenarios, he makes up for it with his vast experience teaching others how to play the game well on YouTube.