Fat Perez’s Real Name, Weight, Age, Height, Wife, Birthday (2024)

We know Fat Perez is an absolute anomaly, no doubt. One impressive thing about Fat Perez is how he doesn’t need to back off his putts while his fellow golfers have theirs walking directly behind the holes.

And the legend from the Good Fellow continues on a good note…

In one of Bob Does Sports Shorts tagged Fat Perez From Deep, the whole team was firing on all cylinders. Bobby was not left out on the fun, as he had a sweet VoiceOver doing his bit. We saw one of the prettiest synchronized Double Euro Steps by Jet and Fat Perez followed by JCC’s infamous “BangerRang!”. Oh, and FP hit a monster putt, by the way.

Here’s a shout-out to Ticket for capturing everything perfectly! That Double Euro may be the most synchronized and athletic feat many golf enthusiasts have witnessed in a long time. It was something special.

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Doting On Fat Perez

Watching FP in the upload by Foreplay Golf tagged – Introducing Fat Perez, An Absolute Anomaly Of A Man, many fans saw what an impressive golfer Fat Perez is. The guy was outstanding on the course and made everyone go crazy with the Euro Step! Just from that one swing, you’d bet FP can shoot lower than the foreplay scramble.

Halfway through the video, everyone thought his driver shaft would snap. Despite this, Perez delivered a good game, because he is capable. In the end, he took the scrambled guys apart.


Cover Image Via Instagram

Fat Perez has fast sparked the new trend that establishes how body size doesn’t matter when it comes to playing golf. Many people have attested to working at golf courses and seeing a few overweight buddies pushing 400 Ponds. This brief demographic should give you an idea how golfers in the Overweight Category hit the ball as remarkably as every capable golfer.

Many would argue that Fat Perez is the physical specimen golfers NEED, not necessarily WANT! Nonetheless, we unarguably want him. FP is proof that you don’t need to be an athlete to play golf.

Unlike what you may think, a lot of Pat Perez and Fat Perez fans would pay to watch a two-part series in which they partied one night and faced the Foreplay squad the next. Given that Pat and Fat would definitely be an outrageous scene, it is easy to understand why they might think what they did.

When Did We Start Hearing About Fat Perez?

The golf icon known as “Fat Perez” was spotlighted on April 1, 2022, thanks to the internet.

Through his father, Fat Perez, who is from Richmond, Virginia, Fat developed an early interest in golf. At the time, his father took him to Jefferson Lake Side Country Club, where he started to make some progress in the sport.

Under the appropriate conditions, social media is awesome. The ability to instantly broadcast and push someone into the spotlight, changing their life so quickly, unlike anything that has ever existed before. If you’re someone who started watching GM golf in 2016, you’d know that Bob Does Sports has quickly emerged as one of the most entertaining YouTube golf videos.

FP can be referred to as a unicorn, right?

You’re free to disagree, but a lot of fans believe Fat Perez to be the BDS group’s missing piece. FP offers the credibility of making excellent shots while in full hangover state.

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What is Fat Perez’s Real Name?

Fat Perez’Real Name is Nick Stubbe. The pro-YouTube golfer hadn’t publicly declared his real name until around February 2023 where he updated his bio on Instagram. Nonetheless, we’ll continue to stick to FP. Check out Fat Perez handle on Instagram here —

What Is Fat Perez’ Age and Birthday

Just like you are patiently waiting for Fat Perez to disclose his age and birthday officially, so are the rest of us! The pro-YouTube golfer hasn’t publicly declared his real age or birthday at the time of this publication, so we might as well stick to what we have for the time being.

But there’s good news!

In the 3rd Perez Brother episode of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, which aired in May 2022, Matt Cook and Mike Perez interview the Fat Perez, a prominent figure in golf. Fat Perez explains the history of how the name and brand were developed as the third and youngest Perez brother.

We learn the history of the “Euro Step” and how he linked with Bob Does Sports. When compared to Paige Spiranac, Fat Perez talks about how he’s handling the comparisons. Along with other topics, the guys talk about the LIV Invitational Series’ never-ending controversy.

Watch the video here –

Fat Perez has been competing in Golf Tournaments professionally. Different sources reveal that he finished in the top 10 early in 2022. If you recall John Daly arriving at the 1991 US PGA as a reserve, you will agree that he didn’t look the part. Only 72 holes later, he was a Major Champion. Golf is for all!

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Who Is Fat Perez’s Wife?

Anne Cole Walker is Fat Perez’s spouse. Currently, Fat Perez and his wife both live in Virginia. On JUNE 12, 2021, the couple exchanged vows at the Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. The Country Club of Virginia – James River hosted their reception, and the couple both wore black suits.

While many Fat Perez fans are really curious what his wife looks like, the YouTube Golfer has not officially disclosed his wife’s face. He did mention however, that he made his wife drive separately when he met Bob Does Sports and Cold Cuts.

From the video, many thought Fat Perez’s conversation with his wife encapsulated them both. Some thought he staged a peak male performance, considering how many guys aren’t ready for that conversation with their spouses. The rest watchers wondered whether Fat Perez is Q from Impractical Jokers, or the owner of Globo Gym.

Check out this expo on fat Perez’s wife, Anne Cole Walker Stubbe.

Fat Perez Weight – How much does Fat Perez weigh?

Fat Perez weighs 253 lbs which is about 115kg.

Fat Perez Height

Fat Perez stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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Imagine you were a 4 handicap just 5 years ago, and just recently gained 40 pounds! Now, you’d easily pass off as “way too fat”, but you still know how to play the game well. You may also notice that you lose about 20% of your distance due to a shorter back-swing. But it’s alright!

The point is – it is not fun being overweight, but it is very satisfying when people make assumptions about you on the golf course, and you crush them on the scorecard. This is just a heads-up to remind you of the enormous force you are!