New York High Bar Club Gymnastics

New York high bar gymnastics Dave Jacobs

“Yes, gymnastics is a sport that is loved by many people around the world for several reasons.” One reason you’d see many folks run to gymnastics in their youth is because it is a highly technical and challenging sport that takes years of practice and dedication to master. At the top of our query list …

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Joey Cold Cuts Handicap

Joey Cold Cuts handicap

You can expect unbelievable things from a man who snacks during his backswing at a golf tournament while holding a wedge and wearing a full suit. But aside from Phenomenal Cutsy’s performance on the course, what else can we say?  With almost 200k followers on Instagram, the internet golfer, Joseph Demare Aka Joey Cuts, has …

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Fat Golfer Who Smokes 

Fat Golfer Who Smokes 

Golf is sometimes perceived as an aristocratic, snobby sport, so when individuals like the golden-haired bomber shatter those assumptions, fame is bound to follow. Upon entering the Tour, Daly quickly gained the moniker “Long John” because no one could hit the ball farther. He was the initial PGA Tour player to reach more than 300 …

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Good Good Golf Joggers 

Good Good Golf Joggers

Let’s discuss the best joggers for golf. Whatever you think of them, they are a permanent fixture. The trend has inspired many golf brands to create stylish joggers that can be worn on the course and are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off after your round. We polled professionals to learn which …

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How Long Do Factor Meals Last?

How long do factor meals last

If you ask, “How Long Do Factor Meals Last?”, you might be better off assessing how long factor meals last at room temperature or in the refrigerator while addressing this query. How Long Do Factor Meals Last? | At Room Temperature  How Factor Meals are stored will affect how long they will stay fresh. If …

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