Joey Cold Cuts Handicap

You can expect unbelievable things from a man who snacks during his backswing at a golf tournament while holding a wedge and wearing a full suit. But aside from Phenomenal Cutsy’s performance on the course, what else can we say? 

With almost 200k followers on Instagram, the internet golfer, Joseph Demare Aka Joey Cuts, has not stopped bringing spice to the Bob Does Sports table, along with Robby, Fat Perez, and the rest of the BDS Crew.

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Joey Cold Cuts Handicap Stall Story 

The infamous handicap stall story was told by Joey Cold Cuts. He claimed that he and Robby Berger of Bob Does Sports arrived at the scene previously. Robert was just a regular guy working in hospitality at the time. Joey Cuts claimed that when Bob showed him a video, he asked, “wait, you’re the handicap stall Guy?” to which Bob replied, “yes.” 

According to Joey, Robby told him that Joey could follow him on Instagram and shared his account with him. It was the first time Joey opened Bob’s Instagram account, Brilliantly Dumb, and actually saw what he was doing,

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Joey Cold Cuts Handicap | The Start of Bob Does Sports 

In his Instagram post, Joey Cold Cuts claimed to have visited Brilliantly Dumb. He said he literally spent two hours watching every single video on Brilliantly Dumb. In fact, he claimed that Bob’s videos were so funny that even though he was supposed to leave work at noon, he actually left at 1:30.

When Joey Cold Cuts next encountered Robby Berger from Bob Does Sports, he had to tell him that his videos were hilarious and that he should stop what he was doing in the hospitality industry. He said his reason was because Robby was very talented, made people laugh, and had a gift that needed to be shared with the world.

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What Is Joey Cold Cuts’ Handicap?

Joey Cold Cuts Handicap

The subject of Joey Cold Cuts’ Handicap is really intriguing, especially considering that the subject of our conversation is a man who easily completes a Par 5 in 2. At Golf Canyon Golf Resort, we witnessed Joey Cold Cuts hit a fantastic 3-wood from 180 yards on the 11th hole.

Check out the vid to make your judgement about what Joey Cold Cuts Handicap might be. In either case, the man has long spiraled out of average onto pro level for a golfer of his stature.