Joey Cold Cuts Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Instagram 

YouTube has become a popular platform for golf channels such as Bob Does Sports where Joey Cold Cuts is a member, to share their experiences and knowledge with a wide audience.

Many golfers have created their own channels and are gaining large followings by providing instruction, course vlogs, equipment reviews, and entertaining content. There are also several professional golfers who have started their own YouTube channels to connect with fans and share their experiences on and off the course.

It’s a great way for golfers to share their passion for the game and connect with others who share that same passion. In short, YouTube golfers are what’s in vogue this season! One of such golfers we can reckon with in this regard is Joey Cold Cuts and his crew members of Bob Does Sports.

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Joey Cold Cuts Age

Joey Cold Cuts was born on January 9, 1968. As of 2023, Joey Cold Cuts’ age is 55 years old.

Joey Cold Cuts Real Name

Joey Cold Cuts’ real name is Joseph Demare. Bobby Fairways, Fat Perez, and Binny the Jet are also members of Bob Does Sports. He posts videos of himself playing golf with friends and occasionally pros on his joey.coldcuts TikTok account, where he has 50,000 followers.

Joey Cold Cuts Career

What does Joey cold cuts do for a living or how does he make a living?

Joey was a restaurant manager before he became well-known. Bobby Fairways was the first member of the Bob Does Sports Crew that he met. Check out Joey’s handicap stall story for more details.

Joey currently represents the clothing line Sunday Swagger in addition to Bob Does Sports.

Joey Cold Cuts Instagram

Joey cold cuts age real name girlfriend Instagram


Golfer Joey Cold Cuts from the Bob Does Sports YouTube channel is a well-known figure. He has a reputation for being loud and for being an Italian who was born in Canada. He co-hosts The Sportsmen, a podcast where they discuss sports-related topics with their friend Neil Arnet (also known as Big Ticket).

Over 180,000 people follow Joey on Instagram, where he has a presence. He has also appeared on Robby Berger’s The Brilliantly Dumb Show.

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Joey Cold Cuts’ Girlfriend And Family Life

Joey Cold Cuts’ girlfriend is Nicole Hombre. A photo of Joey’s parents appeared on his Instagram in June 2022. Also, Joey Cold Cuts shared a photo of his brother Anthony on Instagram in February 2021.