Who Won The Good Good Cup?

The final episode of the Good Cup Major was aired in October 26, 2022. With over 3 Million views on YouTube, the Good Cup Series is one expedition of the Good Good Golf Guys that fans refuse to forget in a hurry. But who won the Good Good Cup after all the banter? Let’s find out!

The Final Episode of The Good Good Cup

Who won the good good cup?
Good Cup Major


We saw the final episode of the Good Good Cup, shot in Branson, Missouri. The episode opened with Luke in the lead. We saw 3 parts in one video. More so, the guys played all 18 holes at Payne’s Valley. The leaderboard details at the opening of the video are as follows:

  • Luke Kwon at 2675
  • Grant Horvat at 2385
  • Matt Scharff at 1665
  • Bubbie Golf at 1610
  • Garrett Clark at 1555
  • Stephen Castaneda at 1240

After the series, fans gushed over Luke’s rounded game, Garrett’s drive, Grant’s consistency, Matt’s Humor, Steve’s randomness, & Bubbie’s positive outlook! Phenomenal content guys. Keep them coming.

Who Won The Good Good Cup?

Who won the good good cup?
Good Good Cup

The final leaderboard for the good good cup through video 18 is as follows:

  • Luke Kwon at 3425
  • Grant Horvat at 2685
  • Garret Clark at 1970
  • Matt Scharff at 1865
  • Bubbie Golf at 1710
  • Stephen Castaneda at 1390

The total points stood at 13,045. From the leaderboard metrics, Luke Kwon won the Good Good Cup. And here’s what we take home from the attitude of the guys towards the game:

Luke is a true pro. Never really makes any concerning mistakes. Just a rock hole after hole. Secondly, it felt nice to see Grant play like a human this round.

Thirdly, Garrett was dialed but has his usual late mishaps that always seem to get him.

Additionally, fans are proud of Matt for his round. He stayed positive and made some wonderful shots and putts.

For Bubs and Steve, having them and their vibes around was everything.

Incredible content the fellas have. Here’s kudos to Max and Colin. The guys have such a dream team.

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Doting on The Good Good Cup Series

Many argue that Luke is inhuman. No doubt about that! But if you were paying the most attention to Garrett and Matt the video, you’d observe that both of them were at the top of their game and played so elevated.

Their words made viewers chuckle a bit –

Garret: “set a goal for yourself”

Steve: “I already have”

Garret “75”

Steve “90”

The Good Good Cup final episode was a really good match. The Good Good Cup series passes off as one of a few YouTube vids that are over 30mins, ‘literally 2 hrs’ and still engaging.

Many fans loved how Bubbie played for his boys despite feeling like he wasn’t playing well. His words which many find funny but relatable: “My swing feels like a foreign language”Now, would you rank Bubbie as the most relatable golfer among the GG team?

Halfway through the game, Bubbie goes first and then apologizes if he doesn’t give them a good enough look. Classy act there!

It was crazy to see Matt limping through some of the holes and holding his back, and he still puts together solid holes. We’re glad he’s had a speedy recovery.

Many have attested to how the Good Good Cup was an amazing series with high quality content from start to finish. Statistics show that the Good Good Major Cup series was instrumental to growing the channel to a new level. More so, the addition of Luke to the Good Good crew in Micah’s absence was awesome to watch.

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The Takeout

If it took you a few days to watch the entire Good Good Cup match, you’d agree that the entire tournament was so fun and the trophy ceremony was beautiful. It was great to see Kwon man in good spirits and on the smooth road to full recovery.

Watching the Good Good Cup Series, what would you tag the final episode of the Good Cup Major as? A good tag would be, ” a great ending to a superb competition”.