The first Team Match Of The Good Good Cup

After a super-challenging season, the Good Good Crew has aired Episode 2 under their Good Good Cup Series, also featuring their first team match of the Good Good Cup.

If you’re new to all of this, the Good Good Cup is essentially a series the Good Good Crew recently started in Branson, Missouri. And how it works is that, for every single challenge the boys will tackle on the golf course, points will be awarded.

Those standing in first, second, and third place down to sixth place earn points. Also, there are a lot of team challenges and competitions. Whoever wins the most points will be dubbed the Victor in Branson Village.

Episode 2 of the Good Good Cup was 46 minutes 36 seconds long and was aired on the official Good Good YouTube Channel on September 10, 2022.


The First Team Match Of The Good Good Cup | Sneak Peeks

If you stayed tuned for the first episode of the Good Good Cup, you must have noticed it was a knockout golf challenge, where Luke came first, Garret second, and Matt third. Grant took fourth, Bobby came fifth, and Steve stood in sixth place.

All the points the guys earned in the first episode were rolled over to the second. So at the beginning of the second episode, we had Luke standing at 260 points, Garret at 200 points, Matt at 135 points, Grant at 85 points, Bubbie at 70 points, and Steve at 30 points.

Garret urged GG fans to expect a Good Good Major at the very end of the Good Good Cup Season. He said the competition will be held at Payne Valley.

He also stated that the winner of the Good Good Major will earn a lot of points, but earning so many points in the Good Good Major won’t make them the winner if they haven’t been playing well the entire week.

This shows that winning the GG Cup Series boils down to consistent wins.

Before the match commenced, Garret shouted out to Big Cedar Lodge on behalf of the Good Good Crew for having them out on a Big Golf Theater, and all the relaxation/special treatment that came with it.

Garret gave extra credit to the Big Cedar Lodge with claims that it is the perfect spot for guys who’d love a nice time outside.


The First Team Match Of The Good Good Cup | Execution & Results

Might I add that, Bubbie assumed the post of a commentator which was hilarious in many ways. He searched for Wikipedia’s definition of Luven and what he got would make you laugh.

Bubbie read aloud that Luven is a former municipality in the district of Surselva in the Swiss Canton of GRA Bundon Graubunden. He joked that if Luven is a real city, then they all stand for Team Luven because they are a city.

The first hole first par was Par 5, 543 yards, which was a little bit of a dog leg, but Luke started it off nonetheless. Grant and Bubbie formed the BUBBA team, Matt and Garret formed the GSR team, and Luke and Stephen formed Team LUVEN.

The hitting order was as follows:

1. Team LUVEN
2. Team GSR
3. Team BUBBA

At the end of the match, Luke maintained his spot, topping the leaderboard with 320 points, Grant stood at 235 points, Bubbie sky-rocketed to 220 points, Garret had 210 points, Matt stood at 145 points, and Stephen had a total of 90 points.


Those Lovey-dovey Moments We Want To Rewatch

The first team match of the Good Good Cup
Gam-Ol / Pixabay


I bet you noticed that moment Bubbie became so hyped and touchy, and when grant visibly recoiled. Plus, we can’t ignore the look of discomfort on Grant’s face when he was compelled to ride in a golf cart with Bubbie.

Bubbie’s comments were positive in every scenario, and the editing on the video was what you’d call immaculate. The shots executed by the competitors were impressive.

If you watched the episode, you may have been tempted to get Luis in full catcher’s gear, especially because he was a golf ball magnet.

In all, we can safely say that the first team match of the Good Good Cup was a mixture of hilariousness and professionalism.

It’s not hard to see that many Good Good Fans have been loving the GG Cup Series so far. Many people think the 2v2v2 always seem to have a much more competitive aura about them, and I’m guessing that’s a good thing. Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes!

You can watch the video of the first team match of the Good Good Cup to see things for yourself.