Paris Hilinksi’s Dad

Can you wear track pants for golf

Many amateur golfers have spent their whole lives playing and learning the game, but 15-year-old Paris Hilinski is different from other amateur golfers. The native of La Quinta, California, only began playing the sport six years ago. In 2019, she competed in the U.S. Women’s Amateur at the Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, …

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Golf Club Roulette Wheel

Golf club roulette wheel

The frantic and thrilling variation of roulette called Golf Club Roulette Wheel pits skill against chance. On the golf range, there are a number of roulette wheels that players try to hit. Players enter their wagers, the wheel spins, and the casino-style action starts after a wheel is successfully hit.   Golf Club Roulette | …

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Why Do Guys Like Golf So Much?

Improve your short game

Golf is the go-to sport for many people. Watching different sports can indeed be a lot of fun, nonetheless, many individuals choose to spend a lot of their free time golfing. What draws people to the sport of golf? Here are a few explanations for why plenty of individuals enjoy playing golf whenever they can. …

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Fat Perez’s Real Name, Weight, Age, Height, Wife, Birthday

Claire Hogle Garrett Clark

We know Fat Perez is an absolute anomaly, no doubt. One impressive thing about Fat Perez is how he doesn’t need to back off his putts while his fellow golfers have theirs walking directly behind the holes.

And the legend from the Good Fellow continues on a good note…

In one of Bob Does Sports Shorts tagged Fat Perez From Deep, the whole team was firing on all cylinders. Bobby was not left out on the fun, as he had a sweet VoiceOver doing his bit. We saw one of the prettiest synchronized Double Euro Steps by Jet and Fat Perez followed by JCC’s infamous “BangerRang!”. Oh, and FP hit a monster putt, by the way.

Here’s a shout-out to Ticket for capturing everything perfectly! That Double Euro may be the most synchronized and athletic feat many golf enthusiasts have witnessed in a long time. It was something special.

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Doting On Fat Perez

Watching FP in the upload by Foreplay Golf tagged – Introducing Fat Perez, An Absolute Anomaly Of A Man, many fans saw what an impressive golfer Fat Perez is. The guy was outstanding on the course and made everyone go crazy with the Euro Step! Just from that one swing, you’d bet FP can shoot lower than the foreplay scramble.

Halfway through the video, everyone thought his driver shaft would snap. Despite this, Perez delivered a good game, because he is capable. In the end, he took the scrambled guys apart.


Cover Image Via Instagram

Fat Perez has fast sparked the new trend that establishes how body size doesn’t matter when it comes to playing golf. Many people have attested to working at golf courses and seeing a few overweight buddies pushing 400 Ponds. This brief demographic should give you an idea how golfers in the Overweight Category hit the ball as remarkably as every capable golfer.

Many would argue that Fat Perez is the physical specimen golfers NEED, not necessarily WANT! Nonetheless, we unarguably want him. FP is proof that you don’t need to be an athlete to play golf.

Unlike what you may think, a lot of Pat Perez and Fat Perez fans would pay to watch a two-part series in which they partied one night and faced the Foreplay squad the next. Given that Pat and Fat would definitely be an outrageous scene, it is easy to understand why they might think what they did.

Some golf information before we continue...

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Golf YouTube Channel Name Ideas [2024]

Golf chipping game

Golf is a popular game and a great way to spend time outdoors with your family. Golf channels provide unique perspectives of the game that you can’t get from traditional media coverage. These videos are often posted by players as well as golf historians, tour operators, and equipment manufacturers. Because these videos are typically short …

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Who is Clara Touson?

Clara Tauson Tennis player

If there is such a thing as a genius in Tennis, Clara Tauson may be one. Not just power, but constantly pounding her opponents backhand and lasering those balls down the line. Clara is fantastic, so good, and still young. We all admire how she walks gingerly around the court as if she’s nursing a …

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Stacked Golf Shop

Stacked Golf shop

If you love golf vlogs, here’s another fun golf vlog with Jon and Ashley, Stacked Golf. The duo is a couple of funny and happy nuts. Who wouldn’t love to start their day with Ashley’s smiling face and bubbly personality, or Jon’s cringe sense of humor? For some golf enthusiasts, all is right with the …

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Does Golf With Your Friends Have Local Multiplayer Co-op or Split Screen?

Golf with your friends local co op

We hear many people ask whether Golf With Your Friends has a local co-op feature. Although split-screen “co-op” is a feature of Golf with Your Friends, local multiplayer does not support it. There is local multiplayer accessible, however, it requires that each player use a single controller and take turns using a “hot-seat” configuration. Golf …

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How Old is Micah Morris?

Micah Morris Age

Want to know Micah Morris’s Age? You’ve bumped into the go-to content! But before we dive in, let’s trail a little bit – Micah Morris is a professional YouTube Golfer, and a part of the Good Good Golf Crew. As a decent man, many fans of Micah’s work are excited to see how he progresses. …

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