Brad Dalke Good Good Golf

Hey there, golf lovers! If you haven’t already heard of Brad Dalke, then you really should start paying attention. He’s been making some big waves in the golf world lately, and for good reason!

Firstly, let’s talk about his latest project with Luke Kwon. Dalke and Kwon started a golf series together this October. Brad’s YouTube channel, “Brad Dalke”, features them playing and chatting with each other on the golf course. It’s clear that these two have a great rapport, as they played together in college and have remained friends since. From the videos we’ve seen, they have a really relaxed and easygoing dynamic, which makes for some great entertainment.

But that’s not all that’s been exciting about Brad Dalke lately. In a recent video, he shared his story of how he got sponsored by Good Good Golf, the YouTube channel and golf brand that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the golf world. Good Good Golf is known for their entertaining videos featuring golf challenges, course vlogs, and interviews with other golfers. But they’ve also been branching out into the world of apparel and accessories for golfers.

New Good Good Golf Member – Brad Dalke 

Dalke talked about how he was first approached by the Good Good Golf team at a tournament, where they asked him to do a challenge video with them. From there, they offered him a sponsorship deal and eventually added him to their group of “Good Good Athletes” alongside other up-and-coming golfers like Ben Hadden and Mason Greene.

So what do fans think about Brad Dalke joining the Good Good Golf team? Well, it seems like they’re pretty thrilled! In the comments section of the video, people were quick to point out that Dalke seems like a great fit for the group. He’s clearly comfortable in front of the camera, and his easygoing personality would make him a great addition to any Good Good video.

One person wrote, “I’ve been waiting for Brad to have more of a presence on YouTube! Glad to see him joining the Good Good Golf squad!” Another fan commented, “Love seeing our boy Brad getting some recognition. He’s been killing it lately!” It’s clear that Dalke has a lot of fans out there who are excited to see him branch out and try new things in his career.

But it’s not just Brad Dalke that fans are excited about. As mentioned earlier, Good Good Golf has been adding more and more athletes to their roster lately, and people seem really enthusiastic about it. Another comment on the video read, “Honestly, Good Good Golf is killing it with the athletes they’re signing. Ben Hadden, Brad Dalke, and Mason Greene? Those are some seriously talented guys.”

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There seems to be a general consensus among fans that if these athletes were to all get together for a “Good Good Major” (an annual event that Good Good Golf has been teasing for a while now), it would be absolutely amazing. And honestly, I have to agree. The Good Good Golf team has been putting out some seriously entertaining videos lately, and the addition of talented golfers like Dalke will undoubtedly spice things up more.