Is Ben Hadden No Longer With Good Good? Why He Left! (2024)

GG Golf fans were in for a shock when rumors started circulating about Ben Hadden’s departure from the Good Good Golf team. Many fans had grown fond of Ben and had enjoyed watching his journey with the team. However, on February 10, 2024, those rumors were somewhat confirmed (though incomplete) when a YouTube channel, Nate Edwardson Golf, released a video stating that Ben Hadden had officially left Good Good.

Ben Hadden’s Journey With Good Good Golf 

Ben Hadden’s addition to the Good Good Golf team was met with excitement and anticipation. He joined the team around March 2023, making him one of the newer members of the group. What made his addition even more impressive was the fact that he was already close to pro golfer status before joining Good Good. This showcased his immense talent and potential in the sport, and it was clear that the Good Good team saw him as a valuable addition to their ranks.

Is Ben Hadden No Longer With Good Good? Mixed Feelings 

Fans’ reactions to Ben’s departure were mixed. Some were disappointed and saddened by the news, expressing their enjoyment of the videos featuring Ben and their disappointment that they won’t be able to see more of him. One fan commented, “Ben Hadden no longer with Good Good 🙁 It seems his 1-year athlete contract is not being renewed. I enjoyed the videos with him. Sad we won’t get anymore.”

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Could This Be Why Ben Hadden Left Good Good Golf?

Others had observed that there might have been some disconnect between Ben and the rest of the Good Good team. One fan noted, “I got the sense he was very popular with the fans but didn’t click as well with the guys, although I’m sure they liked him.” It seems that while Ben may have been well-received by the audience, there might have been some difficulties in building a strong bond with the other team members.

One possible reason for this disconnect could be attributed to Ben’s sarcastic sense of humor. Another fan commented, “I don’t think they got his sarcastic humor but I definitely enjoyed it.” Sarcasm can be a tricky form of humor to navigate, and perhaps the other members of the team didn’t fully understand or appreciate Ben’s style. However, this fan’s comment suggests that there were viewers who appreciated Ben’s humor and enjoyed his contributions to the videos.

Why Ben Hadden Left Good Good: Another Angle 

One intriguing point raised by fans was the surprise at the choice of Brad over Ben as the preferred member of the team. One fan expressed their surprise, saying, “I was surprised that they went with Brad instead of Ben because the fans seemed to connect with Ben more. But I thought the same thing, seemed like Ben didn’t really click with the boys as much as Brad did. It’s a shame because the dude has a great personality and would’ve definitely been an upgrade for Good Good.”

This comment highlights an interesting aspect of viewer feedback – sometimes, the viewers’ preferences may not align with the decisions made by the team. While fans might have enjoyed Ben’s presence and contributions, it was ultimately the decision of the Good Good Golf team to go with someone else. This difference in opinion between fans and the team could have played a role in Ben’s departure from the group.

Is Ben Hadden No Longer With Good Good Golf? The Bottom Line…

Is ben hadden no longer with left good good 
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Despite the fact that news of Ben Hadden’s departure from the Good Good Golf team was met with mixed reactions among fans, it still remains unconfirmed as Good Good Golf is yet to make an official announcement on this speculation. While some were disappointed and expressed their enjoyment of Ben’s presence in the videos, others noted a possible disconnect between Ben and the rest of the team.

Ben’s sarcastic humor might have been misunderstood or not appreciated by the other members of the group. Additionally, fans expressed surprise at the team’s decision to go with another member, Brad, over Ben. These contrasting opinions demonstrate that sometimes, fans and teams may have different perspectives and preferences. Ultimately, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Ben Hadden and how his departure will impact the future of Good Good Golf.

More so, Ben’s YT Channel gives no clue to these speculations, so you might want to rest easy!