Ben Hadden Leaves/ Exits Good Good: Why & When (2024)

Ben Hadden’s Exit from Good Good Golf…Fact or Cap?

The news of Ben Hadden leaving Good Good Golf has certainly caused a stir among fans and followers of the popular golf channel. Many have been speculating about his departure for some time, as there have been hints and clues suggesting that he may be moving on from the team. However, it was only recently confirmed by Nate Edwardson Golf that Ben has indeed left Good Good, leaving fans wondering about the reasons behind his departure and what the future holds for both Ben and the Good Good team.

Ben Hadden & Good Good Golf 

Ben Hadden has had an impressive career in golf, starting at a young age. He has competed in various prestigious golf tournaments, securing wins and accolades along the way. His rise to prominence as a professional golfer has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite reports varying on the exact year he turned pro, it’s clear that Ben has made a name for himself on the PGA Tour, competing in prestigious events and racking up wins along the way.

His addition to the Good Good Golf team in March 2023 was a significant moment for both Ben and the channel, given his status as a professional golfer and his established presence in the golfing world. His unique blend of talent, humor, and on-screen charisma made him a fan favorite among Good Good viewers, and his departure will undoubtedly be felt by many.

Ben hadden Leaves Good Good: What Fans Think 

Fans have expressed their thoughts on Ben Hadden leaving Good Good, with many praising his skills on the golf course and his entertaining presence in the videos. Some have noted that they will miss his humor and personality, as well as his impressive golfing abilities. Others have speculated about the reasons behind his departure, with some suggesting that it may have been a mutual decision between Ben and the Good Good team to go in a new direction. Regardless of the circumstances, fans have wished Ben the best in his future endeavors and expressed their support for his decision to move on.

As fans come to terms with Ben Hadden’s departure from Good Good, many are left wondering about the future of the channel and what it means for the rest of the team. With Ben no longer being part of the group, it raises questions about the dynamics within the team and how they will continue to create content moving forward. While it’s always sad to see a beloved member leave, change is inevitable in any endeavor, and it opens up opportunities for new collaborations and fresh perspectives.

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Fans Reactions To Ben’s Exit From Good Good 

It’s clear from the reactions of fans that Ben Hadden made a lasting impression during his time at Good Good Golf, and his departure has left a void that will be difficult to fill. However, in the world of professional golf and content creation, change is a constant, and it’s important to embrace new opportunities and challenges as they arise. Ben’s decision to leave Good Good may have come as a surprise to some, but it’s ultimately a part of his journey as a professional golfer and content creator, and fans can look forward to following his future endeavors and continued success in the golfing world.

As fans of Good Good Golf continue to come to terms with the news of Ben Hadden’s departure from the team, many have expressed mixed emotions about his exit. Known for his intelligent humor and impressive golf skills, Ben quickly became a fan favorite, making his departure a bittersweet moment for many.

His addition to the Good Good Golf team in March 2023 marked a significant milestone in his career. Joining a group of talented and entertaining golfers, Ben brought his unique blend of humor and skill to the team, quickly carving out a place for himself among his fellow members. Fans were drawn to his charismatic personality and impressive golfing abilities, making him a standout member of the Good Good team.

Why Is Ben Hadden Leaving Good Good? Fans Attempt To Answer 

As news of Ben Hadden’s departure continues to spread, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts and feelings on the matter. While some are saddened by his exit and will miss his presence on the team, others have expressed understanding and support for his decision to move on to new opportunities.

One fan remarked on Ben’s intelligent humor and comedic timing, noting that while he may not have always hit fairways in their videos, his personality shone through in every moment. Another fan mentioned enjoying Ben’s solo videos with Bubby, highlighting his unique sense of humor and engaging on-screen presence.

Despite the sadness felt by many fans at Ben’s departure, there is a sense of excitement for what the future holds for him. With his talent and skill on the golf course, as well as his engaging personality and social media presence, it’s clear that Ben has a bright future ahead of him. Fans have expressed their support for his decision to pursue new opportunities and have pledged to continue following his journey outside of Good Good Golf.

Ben Hadden’s Exit from Good Good: Many Speculations 

While some fans have speculated on the reasons behind Ben’s departure, others have stressed the importance of recognizing that contracts come to an end, and decisions to part ways are often made in the pursuit of new directions and opportunities. The sentiment among many is one of gratitude for the time Ben spent with Good Good Golf and excitement for what lies ahead in his career. Hearing from Ben himself, there haven’t been any recent updates on his YouTube channel concerning news of his exit.


As fans continue to process the news of Ben Hadden’s departure from Good Good Golf, one thing is clear – his impact on the team and the golfing community at large has been significant.

Though Ben Hadden’s exit from Good Good Golf is still unconfirmed from the Good Good Golf Guys, it is obvious that with Ben’s talent, humor, and engaging personality, his exit will leave a lasting impression on fans and fellow golfers alike. While his time with Good Good may have come to an end, his journey in the world of golf is far from over, and fans will undoubtedly be eager to see where his career takes him next.