Did Garrett Clark Leave Good Good?

“Did Garrett Clark Leave Good Good? Unraveling the Speculations and Fans’ Deductions”

In the world of YouTube golf, Garrett Clark, also known as GM Golf, is a name that cannot go unnoticed. As the founder of the popular golf brand Good Good Golf and a professional YouTube golfer, Clark has been captivating audiences since 2019 with his relatable golf videos and invaluable resources to help enthusiasts improve their game.

However, recent speculations about Clark’s departure from Good Good Golf have left fans puzzled and intrigued. Let’s dive deeper into these rumors and explore the varying deductions made by enthusiasts.

Is Garrett Clark Leaving Good Good Golf? 

Garrett Clark: The Man Behind Good Good Golf

To truly understand the significance of the speculations surrounding Garrett Clark’s potential exit, we must first acknowledge his role in Good Good Golf. As the leader, founder, and decision-maker of the brand, Clark has been the driving force behind its success. Good Good Golf would not be the phenomenon it is today without him, making the rumors seem implausible from the outset. Many fans dismiss the idea, assuming it could simply be a case of mistaken identity.

Will Garrett Clark Leave Good Good?

The Departure of Micah Morris and Grant Horvat

Adding fuel to the fire, the ‘not so recent’ exits of Micah Morris and Grant Horvat, two prominent golfers in the Good Good Golf team, have fueled the speculations surrounding Clark’s potential departure. Morris and Horvat left the team in October and November 2022, respectively, leaving fans wondering if this would create a pattern within the group. Some fans argue that the repetitive nature of these departures might suggest a trend within Good Good Golf.

Garrett Clark’s Exit From Good Good: Exploring Fan Deductions

The speculations have generated varied deductions from fans, leading to a lively debate within the Good Good Golf community. One group firmly believes that Clark would never leave the brand he has built from the ground up. They argue that his dedication to Good Good Golf is unparalleled, and his role as the face of the channel makes it impossible to envision the brand without him.

On the other hand, supporters of the rumors offer a different perspective. They believe that leaving Good Good Golf after attaining fame may be a habitual pattern among the team members. These fans argue that the allure of solo ventures and pursuing personal goals could be tempting for individuals who have found success within the group.

The Undeniable Impact of Good Good Golf

Regardless of the outcome, one cannot deny the impact that Good Good Golf and its team have had on the golfing community. From creating relatable content to providing valuable resources for fans and beginners alike, Good Good Golf has truly revolutionized the way golf is experienced and consumed. Whether Clark decides to stay or leave, the legacy of the brand and its impact will endure.

Call to Action: Share Your Deductions!

As we delve into the speculations surrounding Garrett Clark’s potential departure from Good Good Golf, we invite you, the readers and fans, to share your own deductions. Do you believe the rumors? Or do you think they are baseless speculations? What do you think the future holds for Good Good Golf? We encourage you to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


The rumors regarding Garrett Clark’s departure from Good Good Golf have caused quite a stir among fans and enthusiasts. While some fans dismiss the idea as unfathomable, considering Clark’s central role in the brand’s success, others believe there might be a pattern of departures within the team.

Nonetheless, the impact of Good Good Golf and the contributions of Clark and the team cannot be denied. Only time will tell if these rumors hold any truth or if they are simply a product of speculation within the passionate golfing community.