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Bob Does Sports, the golf YouTube channel known for its hearty dudes featuring founder Robert Berger, Humor guy Fat Perez, and Joseph Demare, aka Joey Cold Cuts. We’ll also delve into Good Good Golf, another golf YouTube channel consisting of six guys with Garrett Clark as the founder.
Professional PGA golfer, Max Homa, and his appearance in a video from Bob Does Sports has been making waves on YouTube.

The video in question features the hearty dudes, Fat Perez, Joey Cold Cuts, and Robert Berger, teaming up against Max Homa in a hilarious 3v1 scramble, which was tagged as the PGA’s finest by Berger.

The match showed the stark contrast between a top-tier PGA touring pro like Homa and the rest of us. “True that Homa shot about as well as he can, but the match really illustrates the difference between a top-tier PGA touring pro and everybody else”, as one of the spectator comments goes. And it’s not just about the golf skills – Homa’s vibrant personality and sense of humor added a new dimension to the match.

If you watched Bob Does Sports and Good Good Golf banter with Max Homa, then you agree that it was a perfect recipe of humor, golf, and vibes. The zoom-in on Cutsy running during Homa’s last shot was hilarious and reminded us that we’re watching dudes who are experts in humor and blending it with sports.

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Bob Does Sports Max Homa | Scramble

The video makes viewers comment that even good scratch golfers like Berger and his crew are no match for professional tour players. “Seeing videos like this, then seeing comments like “Garrett should try to make the PGA tour” make fans laugh how immeasurably better tour players are than good scratch golfers. It’s almost a different sport,” says another spectator.
That doesn’t mean the match wasn’t engaging, though.

On the contrary, Homa had a great time playing with the hearty dudes. If Fat Perez wasn’t stiffing it or rolling in 30-footers, the match would have lasted only 12 holes. But even with these hiccups, Max Homa loved the game, making it look easy while still connecting with everyone in the match. “Max is such a dude, could literally be a walk-up start in any 4 ball and get along with the whole group while shooting a number without even breaking a sweat,” says another spectator.

By tagging the match as the PGA’s finest, Robert Berger paid tribute to Homa’s incredible golfing skills. Being a PGA golf pro himself, Max Homa’s presence brought in a lot of interest from the golfing community. It was a fun event, and Max Homa played like he was just a dude having fun with his friends. It’s fair to say that the Bob Does Sports crew and Good Good Golf’s banning with Max Homa on the course is an experience they won’t forget anytime soon.
All in all, we’re glad we got to witness something incredible and hilarious. We can’t thank Bob Does Sports and Good Good Golf enough for bringing these kinds of contents to our screens. Thank you, Robert Berger, Fat Perez, Joseph Demare, Garrett Clark, and Max Homa, for being such great dudes and entertaining us through their passion for golf.

If you haven’t seen the 3v1 scramble featuring Max Homa and the Bob Does Sports crew minus Good Good, then check out the video here.