What Happened To Good Good Golf?

Good Good Golf is a golf brand and YouTube channel that is not like the regular YouTube golf Channel. Many would even describe Good Good Golf as being more than a golf brand. Good Good Golf is a team of young energetic guys who have a passion for golf and who didn’t start golf as experts, but kept playing the golf game and having fun as a group of friends and embarking on competitive amateur tournaments and improved as they went.

For example, we see Thomas Broders Aka Bubbie Golf, who joined Good Good Golf team as an amateur golfer whom Rick Shiels (popular Golf Sports commentator) rated as a 5 handicapper. Bubbie Golf shared his story of alcohol addiction and revealed how he played golf as therapy. Like Bubbie, most of the Good Good Golf guys have shared their vulnerable moments on the channel and released several podcasts recounting their individual crack head experiences.


The golf brand and YouTube channel called Good Good has gained immense popularity in the golfing world since its creation in 2020. The channel’s team is determined to make the sport fun and relatable for everyone. In this article, we’ll discuss what happened to Good Good Golf, their journey so far, changes in the team, and what’s happening with the brand now.

The Good Good Golf Journey:

Good Good Golf started as a YouTube channel in 2020 by Garrett Clark Aka GM Golf, who had a passion for golf and wanted to make the sport fun and relatable to everyone, not just the older folks. The channel started as a group of friends who enjoyed playing golf together, and soon their videos went viral, gaining the attention of golf enthusiasts worldwide.

The channel consists of six talented golfers who bring their personalities and styles to the game and make the videos entertaining to watch. Over time, the Good Good Golf team has shared their vulnerable moments, such as addiction, with their fans, making their channel more than just a golf brand.

Changes to the Good Good Golf Team:

Good Good Golf has gone through some changes over time, with two of the prominent members, Micah Morris and Grant Horvat, leaving the team in October and November 2022 to focus on their personal careers. However, new members Mason Greene and Ben Haddon joined the team in March 2023, injecting new energy into the group.

There have been rumors surrounding the exit of Thomas Bubbie Broders from the group; however, the group has debunked these rumors, clarifying that they are untrue.

What’s Happening With Good Good Golf?

Despite changes in the team, Good Good Golf continues to grow, partnering with golf gear brands such as Callaway Golf and Tour Experience. The brand has also formed partnerships with other YouTube golf channels like Bob Does Sports, Mac Boucher Golf, and Rick Shiels Golf to produce captivating golf content.

Good Good Golf has also recently started a Ryder Cup Challenge series, which features exciting and engaging golf games with other YouTube creators.

On YouTube, Good Good Golf has gained over 1.36 million subscribers and continues to play some of the world’s craziest mini-golf courses while associated with the PGA tour.


The Good Good channel continues to grow by partnering with other golf gear brands, YouTube creators, and producing exciting golf content. The brand’s journey so far is a testament to their determination to make golf enjoyable for everyone. The Good Good Golf brand continues to make waves in the golfing world and is undoubtedly here to stay.