Did Bubbie Leave Good Good Golf?

The many queries about Bubbie Broders leaving Good Good are answered here so keep scanning!

Good Good Golf is a YouTube golf channel and golf brand since 2020. The group is made up of six golfers namely, Garrett Clark (the founder), Matt Scharff, Stephen Castaneda, Thomas Bubbie Broders, Mason Greene, and Ben Haddon.

The group’s content primarily consists of golf trick shots, advice, and resources to help golfers improve their game. Good Good Golf has a massive following on social media, with 1.35 million subscribers on YouTube and 666k followers on Instagram.

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Good Good Golf And Bubbie’s Exit From Good Good

The group has gone through some changes over the years, with two members Micah Morris (a founding member) and Grant Horvat (a pillar member) exiting the group in October and November 2022, to focus on their personal careers. Mason Greene and Ben Haddon are the two new Good Good Members who joined around March 2023, immediately after Micah and Grant’s exit.

However, in late 2022, one of the original members of the group, Thomas ‘Bubbie’ Broders, opened up about his struggle with addiction. This was a significant moment for the group, as it was a moment of vulnerability that brought them closer together as friends and as colleagues.

What Sparked The Controversy of Bubbie’s Exit From Good Good Golf?

September 2023, the Good Good Guys posted a video from their Good Good Tour Series and Tagged it, ‘He’s leaving ‘ with Bubbie on the front of the thumbnail. Of course, if you didn’t wait to watch the vid till the end, you’ll think Bubbie was actually exiting Good Good. Well, that’s one pointer to how these rumors came about, but there’s more.

Flashback to one of Good Good Golf Videos aired in November 2022, fans noticed Bubbie basically calling Grant out for a lack of loyalty in the video. This raised concerns among fans, and many of them started to speculate about the future of the group, with some even speculating that Bubbie was planning to exit the group. Remember this was around when Micah Morris and Grant Horvat had just left Good Good, and truly it was a challenging period for the guys.

It is hard to know whether there is an issue among the Good Good Guys without knowing all the details. However, because Bubbie seemed pretty angry with Grant in particular, many fans wondered what had happened, and many believed that Bubbie had plans on exiting the group.

Despite this controversy, the Good Good Guys have not officially announced the exit of Bubbie from Good Good. They have admitted, though, to having conflicts every now and then, like every human should, but continue to remain best buddies. Good Good Golf is more about the friendship and community of golf than anything else.

The group is all about having fun and enjoying the game of golf. They strive to make golf relatable to everyone, regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur golfer. Good Good Golf’s success is mainly due to the authenticity and relatability of the group and how they share their passion for golf with their fans.

Facts About Bubbie Golf Leaving Good Good

  • Thomas “Bubbie” Broders, the final founding member, joined Good Good Golf.
  • On May 2022, Bubbie revealed that he was struggling with addiction.
    Fans of Good Good Golf noticing that Bubbie seemed to be criticizing Grant for a lack of loyalty during a video sparked the controversy of Bubbie’s exit from Good Good Golf.
  • It’s unclear what the problem is within the Good Good Guys, but many fans believe that Bubbie is preparing to leave the group because he appeared quite upset at Grant. However, this is mere speculation since Bubbie has yet to exit the group.
  • So far, Bubbie has not left Good Good Golf. The rumors of his exit from the group remain controversial because the Good Good Guys have not yet made a formal announcement. They have admitted, however, to experiencing occasional conflicts like all human beings, but have remained close friends.
  • The Good Good Golf Brand and YouTube Channel is supposedly going nowhere irrespective of members exits and entries.

Did Bubbie Leave Good Good? Conclusion

Did Bubbie Exit Good Good
Bubbie Good Good


The rumors that have been going around about Bubbie leaving Good Good Golf are just that – rumors. The group has not officially announced anything, and it’s all based on speculation. It is clear that, despite the occasional conflict, the group members share a deep bond and will continue to work together to create amazing golf content for their fans. Fans of the group can look forward to many more fun and exciting golf videos in the future.