Good Good Golf Members: From Start to Present [2024 Fact Check]

If you’re a golf fanatic, you’d want to find as much golf content as possible to improve your game and quench the golf addiction kindling inside of you. Today, YouTube has popularized trends surrounding sports, including golf, so viewers can find inspiring content that can help them pursue their hobbies. When it comes to golf, you can find great content from different channels, whether pre-recorded or live-streamed.

Good Good Golf is one of these channels seeking to revolutionize the game of golf to be a fun and stress-free experience. When the GG squad started Good Good, they understood that, besides the PGA TOUR and its players/events, people could find golf content all over the internet with top-notch visual quality.

But that thought didn’t stop them…

The Good Good Golf Crew had something more in mind. They sought to create unique, interesting, and exhilarating content for their viewers. And they are doing just that! For the Good Good Members, golf is more than a preset game. It’s all about ramping up purposeful relationships and having fun while at it.

Who Are The Good Good Golf Members?

The Good Good Golf Members are the brain behind Good Good, a brand/channel dedicated to offering golf enthusiasts relatable golf insights and resources to help improve their game.

The Good Good Golf Crew consists of six guys:

The Good Good Golf crew are a group of YouTubers based in the US, who upload golf videos.

A Brief History of Good Good Golf

The whole idea of Good Good Golf was a thought Garrett conceived when he was younger. A podcast, Good Good aired the last year 2021, titled How Everything Started, Garrett said he loved making YouTube videos as a kid, especially videos surrounding golf. He said as a kid, he’d do trick shots and capture them on camera. He enjoyed making these kinds of videos since he was 9 years old.

But between 2018 and 2019, Garrett decided he wanted to start a YouTube Channel that centers on golf. He said he’d set up his camera at his college events, and his teammates would make fun of him and ask him, why are you filming this? Then he’d reply to them saying, he enjoys doing it and hopes to make it a full-time thing in the future.

Before everyone else, Garrett had known Steve and Micah from his childhood days. Micah and Garrett are cousins, and Steve and Garrett have been pals since birth because their parents go way back. As a team, GG built a golf course together. Bubbie and Grant were the last guys to join Good Good. So you can as well call them the newest Good Good Golf members.

Good Good Golf started their YouTube channel in July 2020, and released their first video titled – Our Brand New House!!! | Good Good House Tour 2020. Since the launch of the GG Channel, Good Good has uploaded a new video three times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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The Golf Skill Of Each Good Good Golf Member According To Rick Shiels

On September 6, 2022, Rick Shiels released a podcast about Good Good on his YouTube channel – The Rick Shiels Golf Show, where he rated the Good Good Members’ golf skills one by one. Rick had with him Guy Charnock in the studio, and together they evaluated the GG Members’ golf skills to know what their handicaps would be.

They said Garrett’s skill reminded them of young Rick Shiels. He was fearless and a good-long hitter, with a very long shot game. His skill was utterly ridiculous because he had every single shot, and Rick agreed. He said Garrett has a good one in him, he would probably shoot a million.

Guy Charnock appraised Garrett, Grant, and Micah plus handicappers. Rick rated Grant the most consistent Golfer. Guy said Grant would averagely shoot around par. Rick agreed, saying he’ll most likely shoot under, to 3 over, in every round of golf that he plays. As for Micah, Rick said he’s probably got the best All Round game. He said someone like Micah could shoot nine under.

Rick and Guy appraised Bubbie to be very long. They said he’d probably not shoot 5 or 6 under par, but he can pass off as a five handicapper. As for Matt, Rick and Guy put him at four handicaps. They said Steve plays well, and that he’s probably off five too.

Final Thoughts 

Good Good Golf Members
Aerial view of Golf course

For ardent followers of Good Good, little did everyone know that they’d see the boys at where they’re at today. It’s been great seeing what they have accomplished so far. And everyone is expecting more from the Good Good Golf Members.

Many GG Fans can attest to the fact that the GG Guys are so easy to listen to. And watching them reflect over milestones always makes for a riveting episode.

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