How Did Bubbie Join Good Good?

They say every pleasant thing starts from somewhere. It could be work, family, business, and even building relationships. Good Good Golf is not an exception to this reality. Before the Brand became what it is today, a few people had to come together to plan and make it work. One of these important people in the making of Good Good Golf is Tom Bubbie Broders, whom you may already know as Bubbie.

Even though Bubbie hasn’t been with Good Good from the start, he has been instrumental to the success of Good Good Golf. You would also agree that he is one of our favorite people on GG. Today, we would be talking about how Bubbie came on board.


This Brief Intro!

First of all, we have to agree that adding Bubbie and Grant was one of the best decisions the GG Team ever made. The two have been perfect compliments to the group, and they are undoubtedly one of the reasons Good Good has turned into what it is today. If you watched the video, you won’t need Bubbie’s input to tell how genuine the Good Good Golf Guys are. Together, the boys have always given off wholesome, friendly, and warm vibes.

In one of the Good Good Podcast Clips episodes aired the last year 2021, titled How Bubbie Got Into Good Good, the guys organized a round table discussion to talk about how Bubbie joined Good Good.


How Did Bubbie Join Good Good?

Bubbie said he met Garret on warzone in 2020. At the time, he was basically playing a game with a random person. And that’s when he first started talking to Garret.

Bubbie said before then, he made a video of himself throwing a ping-pong ball into a canteen can, and the video started blowing on Tik Tok. He said he later posted a story, asking about anyone trying to run Warzone, and Garret responded to his post, agreeing to run Warzone with him, along with Grant, Matt, and some other people.


The Story Behind

Matt confirmed Bubbie’s claims. He said he remembered talking to Bubbie on Warzone, and Bubbie was like; Am I talking to a robot? Who is this kid I’m talking to? Matt said he understood how Bubbie must have felt. Matt said Bubbie must have thought he was insane, considering how he (Matt) went to Steven’s farm right after Purcell farms for a month.

In the podcast, Garret said after he and Bubbie first met, they would play the War every single night till 4 am. Bubbie said no one even talked about Good Good then, and now he’s here! He relived how crazy it felt, becoming part of something so big in a moment. Bubby said, while he was still playing with Garret, Garret left to go do something with Matt, and Steve hopped on the mic, continuing Garrett’s game, with him (Bubbie) on the other end.


How It All Started

Bubbie said he had never met Steve before, but Steve said Hello, and introduced himself, and before you know it, the two started chatting over the game, but their whole squad got killed just a minute into the game. In a nutshell, Bubbie first met Garret over a game of Warzone, then he met Matt, Grant, and Steve after getting to know Garret.

But he had not met Micah yet…

Micah said since September 2020, he knew Bubbie from TikTok and Instagram for hitting balls against the walls and all. But he didn’t know him personally at the time, not even in October. Bubbie said he used to set up functions like charity events at the time, around the Austin area in Fallas, where he would perform things like trick shots, and would hit the ball far off.


Prior Arrangements

Bubbie said he was moving down to Dallas to continue his season because in the Midwest there are no golf courses in Winter. As a result, he called his friend from Google, Alex Perrick, so he could crash at his place. He said he had a golf tournament with his Dad and his two best friends the next week Monday, but he could tell Alex needed someone to ride with him, and help him bring his boat down the sprinter, so he followed Alex early the next day, Sunday, at 8: 00 am.

Bubbie said he and Alex hiked across the country, all the way from Chicago, down to Dallas at 3: 30 am. So Bubbie called Garret and asked if he wanted to meet up, and Garret agreed, saying they could come to the crib, and they should meet him at WhataBurger. That was around October, and the rest of Good Good had just recently moved into the crib.


The Crib

Steve and Matt confirmed that they had just moved into the crib, and there was no furniture. Bubbie said when he entered the crib, there wasn’t any furniture, and Garret called him to come by Bubbie said he came over, and he was just chilling. He said he didn’t come with any clubs, but Garret told him it was okay and asked if he wanted to film a video with them.

Garret told Bubbie he could use his clubs and assured him that it was fine if he didn’t come with his. Bubbie said it was the first time he met Micah, aka Twin Creek’s Baby. And together, they went to Twin Creeks. He said he and Garret managed to birdie the first, but Micah came up on the second hole.


Impressing The Squad

Bubbie said he held out for 90 yards on the first hole, and the second, 70 yards. He said he remembered looking at Micah, and he could tell from Micah’s expression that he didn’t like him or Chicago, considering he was still rough around the edges and needed a lot of improvement in his game.

According to Bubbie, Micah’s face looked like he wasn’t into what they were doing. Steve recalled when Carl Phillips and his friend said Bubbie had been sleeping on the air mattress. Steve said he and Garret were sitting out, and he had a couple of balls slapped back, and about 10 down. But Bubbie had a couple deep.


Popping The Question!

Steve said a thought just popped up in his head and he suggested to Garret, ‘What if Bubbie joins Good Good?’ And Garret replied, ‘ Go ask him. And he casually asked Bubbie, ‘Hey, you want to join Good Good?’ Bubbie agreed, and Garret gave him ‘the talk’ and all the orientation.

Steve said he was surprised when Garret agreed to Bubbie joining the team, and there were no lectures like – “You can’t just invite someone to join Good Good, it doesn’t work like that.” There was no prior decision-making. Everything was random, and of course, there was some alcohol involved.


When Reality Hit

Micah said the next thing he knew, there was a bug on the payroll. Bubbie said he remembered sitting in the hot tub, and because he knew he was in the midst of a group, he asked if it was okay for him to join. Garret and Steve replied without hesitation – ‘Oh yeah, the guys will be alright.’

Steve said although he was probably under the influence of alcohol, asking Bubbie to join Good Good was the best decision he ever made in the interest of GG. Bubbie showed much appreciation, mentioning how glad he felt when everything worked out.


The Take-out

How did Bubbie join Good Good
The Golfer’s Club


You can call Bubbie’s joining Good Good Some Random Decision. One quality you’d immediately notice about Bubbie is how brilliant he is, his sense of humor, and how he is always positive. Many GG Fans like to think of him as one of the most real dudes GG has ever had.

Of course, it is not hard to see that Bubbie and Grant have been superb additions to Good Good. With the two on board, the crew today is perfect. Every personality in Good Good Golf is uniquely different, but together they fit perfectly – like every piece of a puzzle.

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