Why Is Micah Called Tig?

Micah Morris is a co-founder and one of the six members of the brand called Good Good Golf. The Brand has a YouTube channel called Good Good. Micah is part and parcel of the squad.

People like to think of Micah as the Elephant of the GG squad, considering how great of a player he is, and how seriously he takes golf. Micah Morris owns his personal YouTube Channel – Micah Morris, where he posts nuggets of his golf expeditions.

But something else has been topping the headlines whenever Good Good Golf is mentioned. It’s about this secret member called Tig. Is he a secret member? After all, many people don’t seem to know him. So, you’d often see the question pop up – Who is Tig on Good Good?

Well, it would interest you to know that Morris is Tig, and Tig is Morris. Everyone wants to know what Micah’s been up to these days, and how he got the name Tig. Let’s see!


Why Is Micah Called Tig?

Last year, in 2021, in one of Micah’s YouTube videos titled – Why Everyone Calls Me Tig, he said the reason people call him Tig goes way back to when he was a little guy. He said he was born and raised just a little outside Guthrie, Oklahoma. At the time, his Dad worked for Sarah Lee Coffee & Tea Company in Oklahoma City.

Micah said there were trucking companies that came in and out daily, and there would be times when he would visit his Dad at work. However, there was this one trucking company that stood out. Micah said he didn’t know whether it was the company’s branding that made it stand out. This particular trucking company’s logo was half tiger and half gator.

Micah said whenever he went to his Dad’s office, he would always recognize this particular trucking company with the logo of a half tiger, half gator. So his Dad got him a hat that read ‘Tie Gator’ on the back, and it had the logo on the front. Micah said he thought it was so cool.

Micah confessed that he wore the hat for years until it fell apart. He said he searched for the exact type of hat everywhere but he couldn’t find it. The hat had a Tiger at the back and a logo on the front, and he wore it for like ever.

But here’s how Micah got the name, Tig –

Why is Micah Called Tig

Why is Micah Called Tig
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Because Micah loved that hat and wore it pretty much every time and everywhere he went, his name went from Micah to wearing that hat all the time and loving that brand, and then it went from Tie gator to Tig. And that’s how he got the nickname Tig!

So the nickname started as Tie gator, and it transitioned to Tig as a shortened version. Micah said, all of this happened when he was still very young, and it has been that way his entire life. He said a lot of people that knew him while growing up don’t call him by his real name, Micah. They just called him Tig, as they all just assumed Tig was his real name.

Now, that’s a pretty cool story there!

It all makes sense now that it’s in the open. Some people may find the story underwhelming but Micah was confident enough to share it with everyone, and you bet he was glad he did.

Before the story, Micah took the time to thank his supporters. He expressed his gratitude for the role they have played in his journey to the limelight. Micah also urged those with a dream to step out of their comfort zone and pursue what they’re passionate about because it’s worth it.

Want to hear the story from the horse’s mouth? Watch the video – Why everyone calls me Tig.

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