Where is Tig Good Good?

Tig is the other name people call Micah Morris. And you can find out why in my post – Why is Micah Called Tig?

Over time, we have observed that Micah Morris loves serious Golf, probably more than recreational Golf. Anyone can quickly see that playing professional Golf has been a longstanding dream of Micah’s.

Remember when Micah said he quit an attractive job in finance to pursue Golf? It all boils down to showing how much Micah Morris values Golf. But something else has been making the rounds. Tig hasn’t been showing up in the recent Good Good Golf episodes, and it has got everyone asking – Where is Tig? Let’s find out!


Where is Tig Good Good?

Tig is on and about his business having fun and doing what he does best – playing professional Golf. But what’s different is, that he is not behind the screens of Good Good Golf at the moment for reasons best known to him. And for some reason, this new attitude of Micah is getting the best of his fans in different ways.

For one, most GG fans are getting the vibe that Tig will leave Good Good anytime soon, others think Tig has left Good Good already.

Their thoughts can be justified considering how things have been lately.

You see, not too long ago, Good Good Golf kicked off a new season called the Good Good Cup, where each member competes to top the charts. At the end of the season, the person with the highest number of points will be crowned the winner of the season. The season has also featured new faces.

We see Garret inviting new people, and everyone’s doing unique things on the course. But someone seems to be missing from the GG Crew – the person of Micah Morris! Everyone’s asking why Tig is not in the Good Good Cup Series.

If your mind is trailing too, there’s something here to calm your nerves!

Only a few hours ago, on September 14, 2022, Micah posted a video on his YouTube Channel, Micah Morris. He titled the video – First Time Doing This Challenge And Someone Took It Low. In the video, we see Micah playing some rounds with the guys from Buster Jack – Mason, and Cole. The episode was shot at Gentle Creek.

Remember that Micah had the Buster Jack guys have been all over the country together, but this time, they are back at their home track. The video verifies that Tig is on and about his business/hobby of golfing. Remember that Micah Morris is a professional YouTube Golfer, so he continues to deliver content in that regard.

When it all started…

Many people want to believe Micah is currently in a slump trying to go pro, because he seemed to decline a little after publicly declaring his intentions of wanting to go pro. Once, Micah mentioned that he is not where he wants to be. He said the reason is that he’s making changes to be better.

Meanwhile, in this season with Micah’s absence, Grant seems to be playing it hard as he doesn’t miss fairways and has begun dialing his putting/short game. Others believe Matt has improved a lot while he’s up there. But the majority of people can’t get the thought of Micah’s current standing with GG out of their heads.


GG Fans’ Assumptions That Have Been Making The Rounds

Many GG fans like to think that, if Micah is legitimately trying to go pro, he may be distancing himself from the rest of the GG squad because they may not be taking golf as seriously as he does. And while at that, he may be forming relationships with people carrying the same energy as him, so he can become the best golfer he always dreamt of becoming.

We’ve heard people say Micah’s exit from Good Good won’t be good for the program. Others think he’s not moving any inch because he and the rest of GG crew are busy making money, getting hitched, paying rent/mortgages, and adulting, all because of Good Good.

But hey!

Assumptions will continue to remain assumptions. And until Micah officially announces his current standing with Good Good, we have to bury all Assumptions.

Besides, Tig understands that making bank as a golf pro is a long shot. This means that, if Tig were to make a move in leaving Good Good, he won’t leave the nest completely, because he’d still have to play in events occasionally.

Maybe the question should be whether the Good Good team is cool with Micah’s absence from events. Do they perhaps have an agreement to that effect? Well, that’s a different story.


Final Thoughts

Where is Tig Good Good
Pro Golfer

For those of you asking, Micah hasn’t stopped doing what he does best – playing professional golf. Only a few hours ago, he uploaded a new video of what he’s been up to on his YouTube Channel.

You can check his Instagram handle anytime to see how it’s been going for him these days.

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