Is Micah Morris Leaving Good Good?

In my previous expo on Micah Morris Golf: His Wife? We saw Morris’s golf expeditions and, of course, his wife. I failed to mention, however, that Garrett and Micah are Cousins. You may have known this before now.

Nevertheless, I believe it is worth a mention that Garrett Clark is the founder of Good Good Golf, a YouTube channel that has been attracting golf fanatics for like ever, and of which Micah is a part. The GM Golf YouTube channel has over 540k subscribers and more than 1.9 million followers on TikTok.

In Good Good Golf, we see different PGA Golf Professionals take on members of the Good Good Squad over several holes at different Golf and Country clubs.


Will Micah Morris Leave Good Good Golf?

Even Micah Morris’s Instagram bio says how much he values Good Good and the entire crew. He wrote, “I love my wife, and I love golf @goodgood”. But, even the professional YouTube golfer knows that change is inevitable, and there will come a time when big changes must happen.

Micah once mentioned that he left a fat job in finance, and his parents were baffled. He has been friends with six other golfers and joined a YouTube golfer crew – Good Good.

All six members of the Squad manage Good Good Golf – Matt Scharff, Stephen Castaneda, Micah ‘Tig’ Morris, and Tom ‘Bubbie’ Broders. The entire crew under Good Good has become a national icon for the golf industry.

Nonetheless, Micah hasn’t made any official statement of whether he will be leaving Good Good, so we might as well regard the claims of his possible exit from Good Good as a mere controversy.


Why is Micah Not In The Good Good Cup?

We have many people asking why Micah not in the Good Good Cup.

In my previous post – Where is Tig Good Good? I gave an expo on what Micah has been up to lately. There you will see what has been taking Micah’s time, along with a pretty-idealistic reason for his absence in the Good Good Cup.

Even though the members of Good Good have their channels and matches, you will notice that Micah and Garrett have been consistent with Saturday matches. But then Grant came along, and we don’t see Micah and Garrett hitting it as often as they used to. Most of the time, it’s Garrett and Grant playing everywhere together and featuring on each channel.

But the reason is not far-fetched. And to be honest, there’s no beef or anything like that involved…

In August 2022, Rick Shiels aired a podcast on his YouTube Channel featuring Garrett Clark and Grant Horvat. In that podcast, Garrett and Grant addressed Micah’s standing with Good Good on behalf of GM Golf. They said Micah is taking golf more seriously to crack the Korn Ferry Tour, and they support his decision.

Garrett also mentioned that Micah might not be consistent on the screens of GG this season. The reason is because, cracking the Korn Ferry Tour is too big of a time commitment for Micah. Hence, he will be busy training rigorously so he can excel.


A Promising Golfer – Micah Morris

Michael Morris has been in golf for a couple of years now. If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve probably heard of Michael Morris. But you may not know that he is a co-founder of the YouTube channel and company called Good Good Golf.

Michael Morris has played on some of the most famous and prestigious golf courses in the world, including Burlingame Country Club in Sapphire, North Carolina, and Palma Ceia Golf Country Club – both in the United States.

In addition to working on top-quality golf courses, Good Good Golf also offers a range of other services, including golf course evaluation, tours, consulting, and training.


If Micah Morris Does Leave Good Good

The good news is that Micah is still young and relatively healthy. If he can keep healthy and fit, there is no reason why he can’t continue to play well on tour.

On the other hand, he has shown himself to be consistent enough to build a long career on tour. He turned 27 March this year, so he still has plenty of time to build his reputation and put together a few solid years before facing another decision about his future.

If Micah does leave Good Good Golf, he will have plenty of options ahead of him. He would most-definitely continue and expand his YouTube career. Whatever path he chooses, it would be a long road back to success if he can stick with it over time. And nothing will stop him from making a name for himself in golf again.


His Possible Closing Statement?

Micah Morris leaving good good
Professional Golfer

I mean, we just have to address the possibilities. But I’m guessing Micah’s closing statement to his fans and members of his crew would be –

“I just need to take this time apart to figure out where I want to go next and how to get there. I know that what we did together was amazing and I can’t thank you enough for watching and sharing our adventures with us. Now is as good a time as any to try something new, so that’s what I’m doing! As a team, we are excited about all the possibilities ahead of us, both in golf and in life!”

But it never happened either way, not like I want it to, or anything. So don’t let your mind trail!


Good Good Golf Micah Morris FAQs

Are Micah And Garrett Related?

Yes, Micah and Garrett are related. They are cousins.


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