Micah Morris Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Handicap (2023)

If you are a die-hard golf fan and have been frequenting YouTube’s golf space, then you would undoubtedly be familiar with Micah Morris Golf. Micah, a professional golfer, first graced YouTube screens in October 2018 and quickly became a popular figure within the golf world. This was, in part, thanks to his partnership with his cousin Garret Clark, aka GM Golf, and affiliation with Good Good Golf at the time.

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Micah Morris Golf, Bio

Now, it’s no news that Micah Morris and Grant Horvat are no longer members of the Good Good Golf team. Micah, in October 2022, officially announced his exit from the Good Good team, citing his desire to concentrate on his personal growth, family, and golfing career. So, while Grant’s exit story has its twists, Micah’s departure was pretty straightforward.

Nevertheless, despite Micah Morris’s exit from Good Good Golf, his star continues to shine bright, with his YouTube channel, fast approaching 500K subscribers and over 51 million total watch views. He’s also amassed 325K followers on Instagram, solidifying himself as a dominant force in the online space for golf enthusiasts.

Micah Morris’ Net Worth

In addition to golf, Micah Morris is also an Ambassador for TaylorMade Golf, frequently collaborating with other golf gear brands. These collaborations may have contributed to his estimated net worth, which stands at a whopping $900,000 as of August 2023.

But did you know Micah Morris’ Age?

Micah Morris is currently 27 years old, making it all the more impressive that he’s already made such a significant impact in the golfing world.

Micah Morris’ Height

Micah Morris is currently 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Micah Morris’ Wife

Phew,,, what about Micah’s personal life? He’s happily married to his wife Katie Morris, another talented golfer. Together, the couple shares their love for the game, chronicling each other’s golfing expeditions on social media. You can find Katie on Instagram too at @katiegirlmorris.

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Micah Morris’ Handicap

In September 2022, Rick Shiels assessed Micah Morris as having a superior skill level by assigning him a plus Handicap. Rick praised Micah’s exceptional All-Round performance and even suggested that he could score a remarkable nine under. Currently in 2023, Micah Morris has officially turned pro as a golfer. Based on his grip and impeccable swings, it is evident that Micah’s handicap is very low.


Micah Morris has cemented himself as a household name amongst golf enthusiasts worldwide. His dedication and passion for the game are evident, from his collaborative efforts with different brands to his significant impact in the online space. He’s not only a professional golfer but also an ambassador for the sport, inspiring others to take up the game and give it their all.

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