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On July 31, 2021, the popular YouTube channel, CboysTv, released its very first official podcast. Featuring five members, namely CJ, Benjamin, Micah, Ken, and Ryan, the podcast promises to offer advice, tips, and insights on navigating through its content on the video-sharing platform.

During the podcast, Benjamin was hailed as a phenomenal interviewer by Micah and the guys. They also shared that they did not have a long line-up of influencers or content creators but had each other instead. The members further revealed that their routine in the Conrad area involved partying on the lake.

The CboysTv YouTube channel has become a sensation among adventure-seekers and automotive enthusiasts. With their incredible truck builds and adrenaline-pumping stunts, it’s no wonder they’ve gained such a massive following. But how did these guys meet, and how old are they? Let’s dive into some of the details.

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CboysTv Members, Bio

Cboystv members CJ, Benjamin, Micah, Ken, and Ryan first crossed paths in Conrad, where they met and became friends. CJ came up with the idea of starting The CboysTv channel, stating that since it was secluded in the area, there was not a lot to do. Over time, they all grew fond of each other’s company, with some already being close friends like Benjamin and CJ.

The guys credited their environment for the content they created since they grew up mainly around the things they showcased in their videos. They recounted how they met, with CT and Mike bonding over their first numbers. CJ revealed that he battled with depression for a year and a half. However, he found joy in filmmaking, and picking up the camera helped him a lot.

In their first ever podcast, the CboysTv guys opened up about how they met. It turns out that CJ’s idea to start a YouTube channel brought them all together. CJ and Ben were already friends, being cousins and living near each other on a lake. CJ and Mike met randomly and hit it off, with Mike sending a smiley face text that confused CJ at first. Ryan and Ken were jet ski buddies that the other guys met through CJ. And last but not least, Jake was just a guy they all hit it off with in a sand pit.

How did the CboysTv members meet? The Details!

In the podcast, Micah said it was CJ’s idea to Start the Cboystv Channel. CJ said when they lived in Conrad, it was secluded and there weren’t a lot of kids in the area. CJ said they just kind of ran into each other and become friends. Benjamin mentioned that he and CJ are cousins, and they were already friends. Benjamin and the guys said that they are just a product of their environment and the things that they mainly do is because of the environment they grew in.

Recounting their childhood, Ben said he was around 8 years and CJ was 10 when CJ’s parents bought a cabin right next to Ben’s parents cabin on the lake. Meanwhile, CJ and Mike recounted how they met. CJ said they both hung out and exchanged numbers on their first meeting. Not too long after, Mike texted CJ saying that they should both hang out again, followed by a smiley face. The smiley face text was weird to CJ and he thought Mike was gay because of it. To clear the air, Mike said he sends smiley faces simply because he is happy. Ryan also confirmed that he and Ken thought Mike was gay at first.

Ryan and Ken were the jet ski boys according to CJ because they were always hanging out together on their jet skis. CJ and Ben have always hung out together as the best buds. Ben said he and CJ thought Ryan and Ken were big ducks (big rich boys) because of how the were always cruising with their jet skis. When CJ asked Ryan if he could ride his jet ski, Ryan agreed. On the other hand, when Ben asked Ken if he could ride his jet ski, Ken refused bluntly and didn’t give a reason. Ben and CJ ran into Jake in a sand pit and hit off as good buds.

CJ revealed his battle with depression for a year and a half. Not long after his struggle, he bought a camera, learnt how to film and edit, and found joy from filming his routines with Micah who helped him learn the ropes. CJ said that picking up the camera helped him a ton as he found joy in it. Long story short, the CboysTv guys became tight buds and started making YouTube videos consistently, say once every week or once every two weeks as CJ recounted.

CboysTv YouTube

Cboystv boasts over 2.7 million subscribers on its official YouTube channel, CboysTv, and over 180,000 subscribers on its Life Wide Open channel. With a total watch view of over 18.4 million on the official CboysTV channel, the group has garnered a massive following, with videos having a total of over 720 million.

CboysTv Podcast

Cboystv also has a podcast titled Life Guide with CboysTv, where the guys share their experience dedicated to everyday life. The podcast offers motivation for people who want to live out loud and have fun, and they frequently share substantial information that is beneficial to any YouTuber.

CboysTv has come a long way since its creation, with more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 750k followers on Instagram. The addition of podcasts has undoubtedly made their content more exciting and engaging for fans, and we are sure to see more exciting content from them in the future.

CboysTv Sema Truck

The members of Cboystv also share intimate and personal information about the vehicles they own and the stories behind them. For instance, they purchased a Sema Truck. But it’s not all fun and games for these guys, as they take their work seriously too. They recently purchased a $140,000 Sema Truck for their videos, and they’ve shared the nitty-gritty details of their vehicle ownership experiences. It’s clear that they’re not just in it for the fame and fortune, but for the love of their craft.

You would think that the Cboystv members won’t share their vehicle information, but surprisingly, they have gone as far as sharing close-up and personal info about the vehicles they have owned and the unique stories behind them, such as the Cboystv Sema Truck. On August 13, the Cboystv members bought a $140,000 Sema Truck for work purposes. Check out the video here

CboysTv Members Ages, Real Names

Firstly, the members of Cboystv are all around the same age group, with the youngest being Benjamin Roth at 23 years old and the oldest being Ken Matthees at 28 years old. CJ Lotzer, Ryan Iwerks, Micah Sandman, and Evan Sheffield are all in their mid-twenties, making for a close-knit group of guys who have been through thick and thin together.

How much does Cboystv make on YouTube?

Speaking of fortune, just how much money does Cboystv make from their YouTube channel? According to reports, they were estimated to earn around $1,608 per day, $48,240 per month, and $578,880 per year as of January 2021. And that waswith a subscriber count of 1 million! These figures were shared in a report by Dose Of Wisdom.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the Cboystv YouTube Channel had a lower subscriber count in 2021 compared to 2023. Cboystv YouTube Channel hit 2 million subscribers on April of 2023 which undoubtedly increased their earnings significantly.

CboysTv Net Worth

On the business side of things, the podcast delved into CJ’s story, where he found his passion after breaking free from college life. As of 2023, the Cboystv channel has an estimated net worth of $2 million, with daily earnings estimated at $2008 and monthly earnings at $88,000.

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CboysTv Instagram

On Instagram, CboysTv has over 700K followers fast approaching 1 million. The CboysTv members have individually garnered a huge following on their social platforms.


All in all, the Cboystv guys are a close-knit group of friends who share a passion for adventure and creating incredible videos. Whether they’re building trucks, jumping out of planes, or exploring new territories, they always bring their A-game. And with their growing success, it’s safe to say we can expect great things from them in the future.