Why Did Micah Morris Leave Good Good?

A new query has been making the headlines lately about Micah’s move with Good Good. Now, the question is; Did Micah leave Good Good? Or is Micah still with Good Good? More importantly, when did all of this even happen? This content is here to clarify whether these rumors are mere rumors or whether they are proven facts. Let’s check it out!

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You would agree that, as ardent fans of Good Good, when we first heard these rumors about Micah Morris leaving Good Good we all thought it was preposterous.

From hearing these talks, we began to see and notice things that we never saw before, and then suddenly, many fans started to think that, maybe Micah is leaving Good Good.

But what claims do we have to support the thought that Micah might be leaving such a massive Brand? Not just a YouTube channel but a brand that recently hit over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Micah Morris And Good Good

As you may well know, the Good Good Brand is made up of six fantastic guys that offer a variety of personalities and liveliness to the Channel. The second-largest member of the dynamic group, Michael Morris, contributes greatly to how well the team functions. Garrett Clark, the founder of Good Good Golf, is the most well-known member of the crew and has over 800,000 YouTube subscribers.

The next in line, Tig, has more than 320,000 YouTube subscribers, which is a considerable number. Therefore, you can only imagine our shock when we learn that someone like Micah is leaving Good Good.

Of course, each of the Good Good Guys has its channel where they compete against one another. Nevertheless, they hold competitions under the Good Good banner where they invite golfers from other networks, such as Buster Jack, Brian Bros, Kyle Berkshire, and Luke Kwon.

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Is Micah Still In Good Good?

Micah uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in October 2020 and titled it Let’s Talk About Good Good. The Good Good Crew has experienced a lot of events this season, and Micah Morris is not an exception. In the video, Tig claimed that to improve his golf game, he started working with a coach, Mike Berry.

Micah said that to play better and remain in situations that will help him reach a higher level, he needed to push himself outside of his comfort zone. Many people assume he meant Good Good Golf when he said “comfort zone.” In the same video, Tig also revealed his partnerships with Bobby Burger, the t-box app, and Kyle Berkshire.

Micah Morris ended the video by saying that a lot of things are happening that he’s excited about the things that are going on and that he just wants his fans to know that he is appreciative of their support and that he will say more when he can.

Fast forward to this December, 2022. Good Good Golf Confirmed Micah’s exit from Good Good, and not Just Micah’s exit, but Grant’s too, in a video they titled – Goodbye Grant and Micah. This confirms that Micah Morris is no longer in Good Good.


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Why Did Micah Morris Leave Good Good?

Is Micah still in good good
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Micah Morris left Good Good Golf to create more expert content and establish his brand. He has always been more focused on turning pro at golf, and prioritizing his time is a must.

Micah’s absence from Good Good at the moment is not a criticism of the Brand or its members. He believed it to be the ideal decision for his career. Regardless of what people think, he developed his brand with the support of the Good Good golf content channel.

Nothing was certain regarding Micah Morris’ affiliation with the Brand until Micah and the rest of Good Good Golf issued a formal declaration regarding it, but as of recent, we have our thoughts clarified. The group has confirmed Micah and Grant’s exit from the team.

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