Who Are The New Good Good Members?

You can just tell Cade is such a witty guy. The type of guy that can make anything he says funny.

We believe a mix of the group on the podcast as well as only a few on at a time is perfect. You get the more personal and intimate side getting to know each member during the podcasts with only a few people, such as the homie Cade being knowledgeable in other sports. 

The entire group as a compliment is a perfect change of pace and it’s always nice to see how close all of them have gotten as a group, the energy between the guys as a group is unmatched.

We 100% wish the Good Good Guys keep doing what they do with the podcast as long as they are consistently coming out. They are awesome no matter who is on. We love Garret with his ability to keep it going and just bring up random things and questions. He could pass off as the most consistent one and that makes him a leader.

It’s okay to not have all five guys on the podcast, so that the individual Good Good characters can flesh out their personalities in-front of the camera. Having it with people who are behind the camera is a good way to build cohesion.

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Pointers To The New Good Good Member 

In the video titled “NEW GOOD GOOD MEMBER?”, Garrett revealed New Good Good Member(s). He mentioned that he and the guys come up with a star apparel which they would commence in spring. The podcast featured Garrett, Max, and Cade. Garrett introduced Cade as being from Chicago. Cade runs his social media under the name, Cool Cat Cade.

From the podcast, we learn that Cade runs the Good Good TikTok, Facebook, and the Good Good Instagram apparel page. Garrett said Good Good doesn’t often post on the official Good Good Instagram, because they like their posts there to be high quality, and so they just focus on posting on the apparel Instagram.

Garrett and Max mentioned that Cade got pissed by ignorant comments thrown indirectly at him. Rumors were circulating that whoever is working on Good Good social media isn’t doing a good job, and technically, that person is Cade.

After the heat of everything, Cade said he found peace working on the Good Good Facebook, and he has concluded that he enjoys working on their Facebook social media the best, irrespective of harsh ignorant comments.

In the podcast, Garrett jokingly asked Cade if he hates his job. Cade said he loves his job, and he especially likes posting new content for the Good Good Social Medias when he wakes up everyday.

Max mentioned how he and Collin agreed on the idea of having someone assist with the Good Good Social Medias, especially in the area of making short clips for TikTok, and Cade was the perfect guy.

Garrett, Max and Cade on New Good Good Golf Member(s)

Garrett talked with the Sports Guys, Max and Cade, and requested that they get into the World of Sports. He stated how each of the Good Good Guys have their different lives and separate lifestyles, especially now that almost everyone is settling down. He mentioned how it is nearly impossible to film a podcast these days and get all the guys in a room together in real time.

Garrett talked about having a more consistent podcast with few guys on-the-go, so they could film everytime – say two guys.

Is There A Newest Good Good Member?

You might want to first change the Member you typed in there to Members. Yes, were looking at New Members, not necessarily a New Member.

In light of the Good Good Weeks, Garrett mentioned that there are a couple of new members who would be joining the crew soonest. If you watch the podcast, you’ll observe that Garrett, Max, and Cade, have been spit-balling for a while, and it is at this point, things get official. The juicy info starts from 42:32.

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Who Are the New Good Good Members?

Actually, Garrett said that Good Good Golf Will be recruiting two new members.

First on the list of the new good good members is Mason Greene who is reportedly a division one golfer. Garrett said Mason will be officially joining the Good Good Guys. Nonetheless, there’s another addition, Brad Dalke.

From the podcast, we learn that Mason Greene is:

  • A beast when it comes to golf
  • He hits the ball very far
  • Has spent weeks just hanging at the Good Good House with Garrett and the guys
  • Has built a personal relationship with GM Golf playing Call of Duty here and there
  • Has been on live streams with Good Good but GG Fans probably didn’t catch him then
  • Isn’t great at playing video games

The second New Good Good Member is Ben Hadden. You can catch this at 43:13 of the video. Ben Hadden does Social Media – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. Garrett says he played college golf with Ben Hadden on the same team back in the day, and they’ve both played in several golf tournaments.

Other things we learn from Garrett’s testimony of Ben is that;

  • He’s been a great golfer throughout college and his social media presence heightens his talent
  • He and Garrett have played competitive golf in the past
  • He and the Good Good Guys go along pretty well
  • He’s a freakin’ beast at the game of golf.

Even though Brad Dalke’s personal info and bio hasn’t been publicly shared, some things to learn from Brad Dalke’s association with Good Good is that he’s a PGA Pro Golfer, he and Luke Kwon play golf as buddies when they et the chance.

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Garrett on The New Good Good Guy for The Labs Extras

Garrett mentioned that Good Good has finally completed their post production team. Garrett said there will be Lab kind of instructional content for the Good Good Brand, but they’re still working on who that person is going to be.

He said they’ve talked to Quan and Jared who both know golf like the back of their hand. Max said that he and Collin have been having a hard time trying to juggle with the Good Good social medias, and extra hands will certainly be a plus.

In the video, Max revealed how the guys needed someone for the Labs Series Extra. He said they’ve been strung up trying to get Labs up, and they went through a process of finding people.

Moving on in the podcast, Max and Cade said they’ve found a guy, and his name is Ryder. Garrett cut in to say that the GG Community may know him already. if you’re an ardent fan of Good Good, you probably know Ryder, as he’s been with GM Golf from 3k followers, right from the beginning. Garrett said the guys have already discussed having Ryder on the actual Good Good Team.

According to Garrett, Ryder has not really worked for and with Good Good. He’s always directly working with GM Golf and going on all those trips with Garrett. So the guys revealed that Ryder is going to help with his roommate, Michael, to take over the Extras Channel, and help with editing all the podcast clips.

The Current Good Good Members?

With the spontaneous additions and subtractions witnessed by Good Good Golf, fans have begun to alter the query from new good good members, to ‘current good good members ‘. Again, on August 2023,  Good Good Golf  witnessed another addition to the group by name of Brad Dalke. See more about Brad Dalke of Good Good Golf here


New good good member
New good good member

Mason Greene, Ben Hadden, and Brad Dalke have reportedly hanged out with GM Golf and the rest of Good Good at the Good Good Office and talked at length. They are also super excited to be a part of Good Good Golf, and fans can’t wait to see what gifts they bring to spice up the channel.