What Was Bubbie Golf Addicted To?

Lately, we’ve heard people ask – What was Bubbie Golf addicted to? And the Bubbie they’re asking about is no one else but Bubbie from Good Good Golf. Bubbie was indeed addicted to something. Now, you may be feeling he was in control of these choices, but as fate would have it, the reverse was the case. There’s more to the story than you’d imagine!

As an ardent fan of Good Good, anyone would notice how Bubbie is always part of every big moment with Good Good Golf. He’s the one who made the long bomb putt to force a playoff with the high school kids. He and Garrett did back-to-back hole-outs. He was in Dubai. He drove the green before Matt’s hole-in-one on par 4, and he was standing there with Matt at the latest hole-in-one on par 3.

Bubbie is always there making things happen. And it’s so heartwarming to know he made the right choices to place himself where he is today. But this Good Good Golf Bubbie didn’t exist from spontaneity. Sacrifices were made to produce the Bubbie of today. More so, there’s the other Bubbie no one knew, until Bubbie himself spilled the beans.

Who is Bubbie Golf?

Bubbie Golf is the title Bubbie of Good Good Golf goes by. Bubbie is a professional YouTube golfer and the fifth member of Good Good Golf. He posts golf trick shots and resources on his social media handles and YouTube Channel, Bubbie Golf. He also goes on golfing expeditions with the rest of GG.

Although Bubbie wasn’t with the GG team from the start, he played a remarkable role in making Good Good what it is today. Who Bubbie Golf is, is a total of his strengths and weaknesses. And the same applies to every person. You would agree that it is hard to grow in life without acknowledging, facing, and processing challenges. On that note, it is awesome to see a young man like Bubbie acknowledge and face his issues.

In one of his podcast videos titled – My Life Story | Who is Bubbie Golf, Bubbie shared his vulnerable moments. In the video, he disclosed having Tourette’s Syndrome. And it’s no doubt he changed people’s lives with that podcast. We hope he keeps being the Bubbie that he is and shows himself some love while at that!

Bubbie Golf Real Name

Bubbie’s real name is Thomas Bubbie Broders. In an interview with Pursell tagged – The Tom Bubbie Broders Interview – Pursell Farms, Thomas said Bubbie isn’t his real name given to him by his parents.

He said growing up, his Mom would call him things like Bowie, and Bubbe, but he didn’t know why. And in the first semester of his freshman year of college, there was this Mom’s weekend his school usually observed as a tradition.

He said his Mom went to the bars to hang out with his friends, and then she started calling him Bubbie in front of his college friends, so the name stuck with him. Most people like to call Thomas Bubbie, and this includes Good Good members and fans.

Bubbie Golf Addiction

In Bubbie’s podcast about his story, he revealed that he has Tourette’s Syndrome. He said he first noticed the ticks and twitches while in fifth grade. Going into his fresh-man year of college, he started to tick and twitch more than usual, and the frequency and magnitude of the twitches ramped up.

Bubbie said he started drinking in high school, and his parents saw early signs of alcoholism that he couldn’t control. In his fresh-man year of college, his ticks and twitches flared up, and it began taking a toll on his mental health and education, making him feel so insecure.

In the video, he said whenever he consumed alcohol, he didn’t feel his ticks and twitches as much. As a result, he spent his fresh-man year of college abusing alcohol. Bubbie Golf was indeed addicted to alcohol at the time. Bubbie said in the second semester of his fresh-man year, he started consuming a drug – cocaine. He said he found alcohol and cocaine as a way to escape from his problems.

However, he did mention that cocaine wasn’t that accessible in the second semester of his fresh-man year of college. Bubbie said instead of hanging out with friends, he’d prefer to get drunk alone in his room. He said when drinking beer and watching sports with his Dad, he would drink until he blacked out because he was an addict and had no control.

Bubbie revealed he has been arrested a couple of times for being utterly wasted, and in both scenarios, he couldn’t think or talk straight. He said the second arrest wasn’t enough to teach him a lesson. But his most recent experience with alcohol made him realize how disgusted he was with his lifestyle of alcoholism.

He said he and a few buddies were having a bonfire. For the night outing, he brought some bottles of 24 Rack and Miller High Life and proceeded to consume about 14 bottles, but he still wasn’t satisfied. Bubbie said he went into the cabinet of his friend’s parents and took out a bottle of Vodka. He said that, despite not knowing what kind of Vodka it was, he drank half a fifth of the bottle.

After drinking from the bottle, Bubbie said he was absolutely-hammered to the point where he couldn’t walk or form a sentence. He was like a lifeless drunk. And in trying to do him a favor, one of Bubbie’s buddies took him to his house to crash for the night so his parents wouldn’t see the mess he’d become. He said he started yelling at his friend and refused to follow him inside. Bubbie’s friend then decided to record him while he was acting up.

Bubbie woke up the next-morning and stumbled across the video of a drunk Bubbie. He said, in the video, he saw himself yelling and rolling around in the backyard like a dog. Watching the video, Bubbie said he hit a point of disgust that made him irritated with the person he was becoming, and he decided it was finally time to make a change and find his sobriety.

Bubbie Golf Alcohol

Bubbie said he started drinking in his senior year of high school. He and his buddies wanted to chill, so he dressed up in his Dad’s clothes, and put some dirt on his face, making him look like someone that just got off work. So he and his friends went to the liquor store a quarter mile from his house with fake IDs, and the rest is history. Bubbie said he was only 17 at the time, and the sellers of liquor fell for his trick for 3 weeks.

For someone with a history of Tourette’s, problems with his mental health, and sobriety issues, Bubbie, and his buddies are doing so much good to promote the game of golf, but more so, to show young people how good guys behave and support each other. The guys are not afraid to show love and comradeship and to be genuinely happy and excited about each other’s successes.

We learned many things from Bubbie’s podcast about himself and his journey. Firstly, the vulnerability Bubbie showed was next-level, and his honesty has done a lot of good in the world as a shining light to those struggling with addiction and mental illness. Some people with similar struggles claimed watching his video gave them so much hope. Indeed, it helps seeing someone so similar break barriers and achieve great things.


What was Bubbie Golf addicted to
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Bubbie is something else…

Watching him talk about himself and his story, we saw a man talk for an hour, barely looking into the camera, about his life without ever pausing or getting distracted.

Tom Broders is not only inspirational, but his charisma is also out of this world.

For people with similar struggles, knowing his story and what he’s up to is enough to get them through the day, knowing that they and Bubbie are in the fight together. Here’s congratulations to Bubbie for five years sobriety!