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Good Good Golf is a Brand / YouTube Channel founded by Garrett Clark. The rest of Good Golf Founders are Micah Morris, Matt Scharff, Stephen Castaneda, Tom Bubbie Broders, and Grant Horvat. Good Good Golf is committed to airing professional golf on YouTube, offering golf resources, and advice, uploading trick shots, and exposing different ways for viewers to improve their golf game.

Garrett Clark, the founder, goes by the title of GM Golf, and is active on Instagram, along with the rest of the GG Squad. However, we have been made to understand that each member’s Instagram account is merely a brand builder and a strategy to refer interested viewers to YouTube. Gilliland, Garrett’s agent, once said, “YouTube is where the money is.”


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Good Good Golf | Golf We Love

Watching Good Good since the beginning, it’s always cool seeing what happens behind the scenes, hearing all the success and tribulations, what it took to get where they are, the grind, advice from each member, and some details about the trouble the team has run into over the years. Most of all, it’s hard to grasp that such a huge thing has come about in only a few years.

To bring Good Good Golf to life, we agree the guys took risks that not many kids in college would take. Firstly, we can only imagine what a struggle it must have been for Garrett, the founder of Good Good, to find a balance between school and golf. As the story goes, he was battling his scholarship/eligibility when his YouTube channel, GM_Golf blew up.


Good Good Golf Guys | Different Observations 

From a distance, it may not seem like a challenge to create a YouTube Channel centered on golf when you have golfing skills, but Good Good Golf has made us understand that it is. It takes a lot of hours to edit and produce liveliness in every video they post.

We enjoyed listening to the stories of how each one of the Good Good Members converged into the group and brought something additional to their respective businesses. The Good Good Golf Guys are truly professionals, and they deserve credit for the amount of work they put in.

If you started watching Good Good during the pandemic when the guys played at Pursell Farms, you probably would sum up the Good Good Golf Guys this way:

  • Garrett is a jar of inspiration to draw from. He is the founder of Good Good Golf and remains at the forefront of the GG revolution. As followers of Good Good, we are grateful for the gift of Garrett.
  • Tig is like that facilitator who keeps going forward. He’s a proud big brother/father figure to all of the GG Guys. His energy is undefeated. Just shows up and makes great golf shots, doesn’t talk much, and does his job.
  • We can’t overstate how important Matt and Stephen were and still are to the growth of GM Golf.
  • Bubbie is a fantastic addition to Good Good Golf Crew. His respect for people is admirable. It honestly wouldn’t be the same without him.
  • Collin and Max are excellent behind the scenes.
  • Stephen and Bubbie have undoubtedly improved their game.
  • Grant is a resident pro on any site, always keeping it real. Followers of GG love how he’s stable like a rock.


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Good Good Golf Subscribers

Good Good Golf has 1.05 Million Subscribers on their YouTube and over 413,000 followers on their Instagram as of October 2022.



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Did Good Good Golf Play In College?

The question of whether Good Good Golf played in college takes two forms.

1. As a team, did Good Good Golf play against college students? Yes, they did!

In a video they tagged – We played a 6v6 match against college students, we saw the Good Good Golf Guys, run against college students. We saw their encounter with Billy for MVP of the college team. The confidence he showed was admirable and he carried the team through a bunch of holes.

Billy Boy played so impressively that Bubbie likened him to that one kid you don’t chirp. It was dope seeing Billy come in clutch even with all the friendly trash talk. Some GG fans expect to see Billy winning on tour shortly.

2. Individually, did the Good Good Golf Guys play in college? Yes, they did.

Every member of Good Good Golf loved Golf as a hobby or more while in college. There are several instances with Micah, and Garrett, as both guys have played in golf tournaments while in college.


How Much Is Good Good Golf Worth?

If by Good Good’s worth you mean how much they make annually from their different income streams – affiliate marketing /sponsorships, selling merch, and the YouTube Partner Program, Good Good has an estimated net worth of over $2.4 million. So how much money has Good Good Golf made? It’s been three years already, so you make a guess!


Good Good Golf FAQs

Where is Good Good Golf from?

Did you ask where is Good Good Golf from? Good Good Golf is from Kansas, United States.

Is Good Good Golf Christian?

Considering their background, off-the-chart comments, and life stories, Good Good Golf Guys should pass off as Christians. Yes, Garrett Clark and Grant Horvat have attested to being Christians and being brought up in a christian background. Nevertheless, the stance of the Good Good members or their belief in God hasn’t been officially cleared up by the squad. Fans are advised to keep their assumptions personal until the Good Good Members officially announce their religious status.

Who is the CEO of Good Good Golf?

Matt Kendrick is the CEO of Good Good Golf. Check this article or video..for more details.

Where is the Good Good Golf house?

The Good Good Golf house is located in Dallas, United States.

How long has Good Good Golf been around?

Good Good Golf has been around as a full-on brand and Professional Golf YouTube Channel since 2019.



Good Good Golf Founders
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Good Good hosts longer games than before and introduces new players for each challenge. Many GG fans love how Good Good keeps changing things up. Nonetheless, we hope they keep the original Good Good challenges because that’s what everyone fancies the most. Also, everyone wants to hear more Tig conspiracy theories like – Left is actually right!