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Grant Horvat is a professional YouTube Golfer and a member of the Golf Brand/Channel, Good Good Golf. When Good Good unveiled Grant as the newest member in 2021, everyone thought he was a ticking time bomb. Fans believed once he got accustomed to all the drills, he’d be unstoppable.

They were not wrong…

Since Grant joined Good Good Golf, the videos have gone to the next level. Never forget how much people love what the Good Good Golf Guys produce. The team is an inspiration to the next generation of golfers, helping drive interest in golf around the world.

Good Good Golf Grant | Simple Observations

Remember when Grant broke the course record at Forest Oaks? We saw him battle with the lowest 18 holes he’d seen. From the video, many fans could tell that once all aspects of his game got dialed in, he would be a force to be reckoned with. He could have easily been -10. Thankfully, he got new wedges, and viewers saw what some grooves can do.

Even though Grant uploaded the video almost a year ago, it still serves as an ideal model to weigh Grant’s golf personality. Grant had a miss by grabbing his 60 instead of his 50 on the par 3. He had 2 penalty strokes and still shot 7-under. It could have potentially been a 10-under round.

Despite the odds, Grant beat the challenge and broke the course record. We all love to see Grant make a personal milestone. His swing was on point. And we believe his first call was to his Dad. The game was a special round, as Grant had his Dad with him.

Good Good Golf Grant | A Fair Verdict

Grant’s course management is a thing of beauty. With over 240,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel, and more than 240,000 followers on his Instagram, Grant Horvat has been making waves in the golf realm.



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Midway into the video where Grant broke the golf course record at Forest Oaks, we could notice how dialed Grant’s putting is Now versus Then. His new grip keeps working well, and it’s no doubt he’ll remain the lip king of Great rounds. Seeing him confidently hit a hook like on 12 aimed right at those apartments was incredible.

Also, Grant’s attitude after making bogeys is a pleasure to watch. We see him improve and beat his records every day.


What is the diameter of a golf tee shaft
Golf club and ball


What’s even crazier than Grant’s records is that he has so much more in the tank! He could easily shoot farther with no doubt whatsoever! Also, many GG fans like to think Grant has the best swing of the Good Good crew, while Garrett is a close second.

It’s unreal how easy he always makes a 7-under look. Grant’s swing is something any golf enthusiast would gladly watch all day long. For golfers that aren’t there yet, they’d secretly want to get their timing as smooth as Grant’s. Overall, his journey is truly inspiring. If you think so too, share your thoughts in the comments!


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Good Good Golf Grant – FAQs

Is Grant Horvat in Good Good?

Grant Horvat is the sixth member of Good Good Golf. So yes, he is in Good Good.

Is Grant Horvat married?

Yes he is!

In September 2022, Grant posted on his YouTube Channel with the tag – I’m getting married. In the video, we saw him propose to his girlfriend, Sadee Farinha. Fast forward to 2024, the two tied the knot in March.

Is Grant Horvat A Pro?

Grant Horvat is a professional YouTube Golfer. Rick Shiels evaluated the golf skills of the Good Good Golf Members.
Rick Shiels and Guy Charnock rated Grant as a plus handicapper. They said he is the most consistent Golfer. Guy Charnock maintained that Grant would averagely shoot around par.

Is Grant Horvat engaged?

Yes, Grant Horvat is not just engaged but married. He announced on his YouTube Channel that he proposed to his girlfriend and will be getting married soon. He got married in March 2024.

Why doesn’t Grant Horvat have eyebrows?

We hear many people ask, does Grant Horvat Have Eyebrows? The fact is that he does. Grant Horvat has eyebrows, only that they’re blonde, which makes them look invisible. He said this a year ago in a podcast with the rest of Good Good tagged – Is Grant Horvat joining Good Good?

Where is Grant Horvat From?

Grant Horvat is from Stuart, Florida.

Who is Grant Horvat’s Dad?

Grant’s Dad is Steve Horvat. Steve Horvat is a professional golfer and a member of the Professional Golfers Association. For Grant, his Dad has always been a support system. Grant’s Dad gives him golf lessons and drills to improve his golf game. In Grant’s game at the Forest Oaks Golf Course, his Dad, Steve, was present. In the game, you could tell Steve was dialed in.

Who Is Grant Horvat’s Girlfriend?

Grant Horvat’s girlfriend, now wife is Sadee May Horvat.

Where did Grant Horvat go to college?

Grant Horvat went to college at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Where Does Grant Horvat Live?

Grant Horvat lives in Florida, United States. Nonetheless, he shuttles between Florida and Dallas now and then.

Where Did Grant Horvat Grow Up?

Detroit. Grant Horvat grew up in Detroit. As a kid, he loved playing basketball. Golf had not always been a dream of his from the start. However, he drew inspiration from his Dad who was a PGA pro and he switched to golf when he was 12 years old. Till today, Grant’s Dad is his swing coach.

Where was Grant Horvat born?

Grant Horvat was born on August 24 in Stuart, Florida, United States.