Who is Grant Horvat’s Dad? Steve Horvat Golf: Bio, Age, Birthday, Lessons

Grant Horvat Dad Steve Horvat Golf, bio age, birthday, lessons

“Recounting Grant Horvat’s match with AJ out in California, his drive on the 18th hole, how he hit that with a cut and how bomb it was, you’d remember the amount of support and love that his Dad shows which is absolutely incredible.”

Who is Grant Horvat’s Dad?

Grant Horvat’s Dad is Steve Horvat. Grant often refers to his Dad as his PGA Pro Dad, which he truly is. Steve Horvat is a professional golfer and golf instructor. He has been on the screens of golf since his younger years and way before Grant took up golf as a career path.

Steve Horvat Golf Bio

Grant Horvat Dad Steve Horvat Golf
Grant Horvat & Dad


“Steve Horvat Golf” refers to Steve Horvat, PGA Pro Golfer, Coach, and Dad to famous golf YouTuber, Grant Horvat. It’s not a wonder why many golf enthusiasts are interested in how much knowledge the PGA Pro golfer has to share.

Steve Horvat has been in the golf world for over 63 years. He has been in the Hall Of Fame at Central Michigan, and has been teaching his whole life. Steve Horvat has given over 25,000 lessons on the game.

Steve Horvat is a wealth of knowledge, no doubt! His experience and knowledge and his way of conveying that knowledge is special. The PGA Pro golfer is proof to why golf is such a great game because you can continue to play into your 70’s and 80’s.

Watching the beautiful moments between Steve Horvat and Grant Horvat, we need not wonder Grant gets his teaching ability from. Steve Horvat explains things in very simple form like Grant does.

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Steve Horvat Golf Lessons – Takeouts

Steve Horvat Golf Lessons
Steve Horvat Golf


  • Steve Horvat shows that there are levels to the game of golf when Grant the teacher has his dad open his mind to more ideas and concepts.
  • The quality time you spend with family doing something you all love is very much under-appreciated these days, and that’s something Grant and Steve Horvat have exposed viewers to.
  • Steve explains the closed stance issues many golfers have with flair. You’d be looking forward to hitting the range and trying out his tips after hearing him!
  • If you’ve never heard the open vs closed stance and how it affects ball position, Steve casually pointed it out in one of Grant’s vids with him. The way Steve dishes out the 3 wood tips would make you want to get out to the range right away and give his tips a try.
  • From the list of most-liked Steve Horvat Golf tips and lessons, fans seem to take his tip of hovering the putter a little higher to avoid the grass more seriously. And additionally using a loftier club on the downwards.

Grant Horvat’s Dad Age

Steve Horvat is in his 80s as we know it, although his exact age hasn’t been officially stated. Judging from the video where Steve Horvat caddied for his son Grant, one can make him to be in his 80s.

Steve Horvat Birthday

Steve Horvat’s birthday is in November but his exact age is not publicly declared.

Doting on Steve Horvat Golf and Grant Horvat Golf

Grant and Steve Horvat’s relationship make many fans remember the British Golf YouTuber, Matt Fryer and his similar dynamic with his dad being a long time pro.

Grant has a great family and it highlights how good of a person he is. Grant’s dad taught him the game and now he is taking it to another level just like how George and Wesley Bryan learned from their dad who is also a teaching pro and they took it to another level.

Steve Horvat Golf Grant Horvat
Steve Horvat Golf

In a video from Grant Horvat Golf channel titled – Dad gives me a golf lesson, Grant and Steve Horvat make fans tear up with the wholesome father and son moments once again. In another video, Grant posted about how his PGA pro dad caddied for him

In the clip we learn that Steve Horvat has been teaching golf for more than 63 years, and it was his birthday in that video.

We’ve seen Grant Horvat teaching Matt Scharf and we need not wonder where he’s gotten his talent from. Steve and Grant are both very calm and uncomplicated when giving advice.
Steve Horvat’s intelligence on the course is unreal.

The way he explains everything and his encouragement when Grant decides on a club is PGA Caddy level. Steve Horvat talks about the fundamentals of golf especially the golfer’s grip on the club.