Grant Horvat Golf: Career, Age, Birthday, Bio, Early Life, Wife, Net worth [UPDATED 2024]

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Grant Horvat Golf is the title for Grant Horvat, a notable individual in the YouTube golf world. Grant Horvat is a professional YouTube golfer who is relatively known in the golf industry. Grant Horvat Golf is the name that Grant Horvat goes by on his YouTube channel. Check this previous post on Grant Horvat to see more of his relations on YouTube, his Good Good journey and how fast his career is moving to PGA level.

Grant Horvat Career

Grant Horvat came into the YouTube screens of golf in April 18, 2014, and has total watch views of over 36 million. Grant joined the Good Good team around June 2021 and left in October 2022 to focus on his golf channel and family life.

With over 380,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 380,000 followers on his Instagram, Grant Horvat has only just started shaking the golf realm with unique content and isn’t going anywhere soon!

Grant Horvat Age

As of January 2024, Grant Horvat is 25 years old.

Grant Horvat Birthday

Grant Horvat’s birthday is August 22, 1998. Grant will be 26 years by August, 2024.

Grant Horvat Bio & Early Life

Grant Horvat is the child of Steve and Nicki Horvat. In August 2022, he got engaged to Sadee Farinha.

Grant was raised in Detroit and played basketball before going south and playing golf when he was 12. Grant’s father, Steve, is a retired golf coach and PGA pro, while his mother is a homemaker.

Grant Horvat’s Wife

Grant and Sadee
Grant Horvat’s wife


Grant Horvat’s girlfriend turned wife is Sadee Farinha. The two got engaged in August 2022. Grant’s wife, Sadee has natural golf potential. With Grant as her coach, fans have been able to see her golf errors and progress.

Many fans believe that if Grant makes his videos with Sadee a regular segment on his channel, it would spice things up much more.

By doing this, he is taking a legit beginner for a year and seeing how good she can get. Grant and Sadee seem so happy and perfect for each other and supporters are looking forward to seeing more content fr the husband and wife.

Grant Horvat Net Worth 

As a professional golfer and YouTube celebrity, Grant Horvat has built a wealth of $2 million. Horvat earns money through brand collaborations, sponsorships, and YouTube monetization based on his online presence.