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Sadee Farinha: The Girlfriend of Grant Horvat 

Sadee Farinha has been on the dating screens of golf since 2022, as she is currently in a relationship with professional YouTube Golfer, Grant Horvat. Her background and life outside of her relationship with Horvat has remained relatively low-key, but it is clear that she has taken an interest in his passion for golf.

Grant Horvat and Sadee Farinha: From Boyfriend and Girlfriend to Fiancé and Fiancée 

On September 2022, Grant Horvat took to his social media platforms to announce to the world that he and Sadee were getting married. The video announcement showed the couple embracing and sharing the news with their fans. It was a moment of celebration and great joy for the couple as well as their followers.

Grant Horvat and Sadee Farinha: Their First 2v2 Match 

While their relationship might be new, Grant Horvat and Sadee Farinha are no strangers to playing golf together. In August 2022, they played their first 2v2 match with Matt Scharff and his wife Maddie, and it was a fun-filled day of golf, which showed Sadee’s love for the sport. Golf has clearly become a bonding experience for the couple, and they use it to strengthen their relationship.

Grant Horvat gives Sadee her first golf lesson

Grant Horvat has been playing golf for a long time, and it is safe to say that he is very skilled at the sport. In October 2022, he gave Sadee her first golf lesson. It was a significant moment for Sadee since it helped her understand the basics of the sport and develop an interest in it. Grant’s expertise in the game has undoubtedly influenced Sadee’s understanding and love for golf.

Grant Horvat: Who is he? 

Grant Horvat is a pro YouTube Golfer with many followers who keep up with his life and tips about staying motivated on and off the course. He rose to fame as a member of the popular golf brand and YouTube channel, Good Good Golf. However, in December 2022, Grant confirmed his exit from Good Good in a podcast he released on his YouTube channel. He stated that his decision to quit the group was one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make. Nonetheless, he is still an accomplished and skilled golfer who uses his social media platforms to showcase his talents and inspire others to improve their golf game.

Sadee Farinha’s Background and Early Life

While Sadee Farinha’s experience with golf might be recent, her personal background is essential in understanding who she is. Currently, there is no public information available on her early life or when she began playing golf. However, her interest in the sport can be seen in her relationship with Grant Horvat.

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Sadee Farinha’s age, bio, and height 

Sadee Farinha husband boyfriend grant Horvat

Sadee Farinha’s age has not been revealed publicly. However, some reports suggest that she is in her late twenties or early thirties. There isn’t much information available about her beyond her relationship with Grant Horvat. Her height is also unknown, but photos show that she is of average height.


Sadee Farinha has become a regular feature in the life of Grant Horvat, and their relationship has drawn a lot of attention from golf enthusiasts. They are both passionate about golf and use the sport to strengthen their bond. While not much is known about Sadee, her love for golf can be seen through her relationship with Grant. Grant Horvat, on the other hand, is a skilled golfer who is using his social media platforms to inspire others to develop an interest in the sport.

Their relationship is still in the early stages, and it will be interesting to see how they continue to evolve. Nonetheless, they have become a source of inspiration for other couples who love golf.