Anne Cole Walker Stubbe 

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- What do Anne Cole Walker and Nick Stubbe do?

- Anne Cole Walker and Nick Stubbe on "My Registry"

- Fat Perez Bob Does Sports Wife 

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Who is Anne Cole Walker Stubbe?

Anne Cole Walker is a Virginia-based business woman and homemaker as far as many BDS fans know. Anne is of white descent and American nationality. Although not much is known about Anne Cole Walker’s profession and extensive private life as of the time of this publication.

How is Anne Cole Walker related to Nick Stubbe Aka Fat Perez?

Anne Cole Walker is wife to Nick Stubbe, a.k.a. Fat Perez. Currently, Anne Cole Walker and her husband, Fat Perez, both reside in Virginia. The pair said their vows at Richmond, Virginia’s Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in mid-June, 2021. The pair both donned black suits to their reception, which was held at the Country Club of Virginia popularly called James River.

Although a lot of Fat Perez’s followers are really interested in seeing his wife’s face, the YouTube golfer has not made her face public. However, he did add in a TikTok video that when he met Bob Does Sports and Cold Cuts, he got his wife to drive solo.

What do Anne Cole Walker and Nick Stubbe do?

Nick Stubbe popularly known as Fat Perez is a member of the Bob Does Sports Crew. Fat Perez is a professional YouTube golfer and a golf gear influencer. The star golfer has made many iconic appearances and has amassed thousands of fans if not millions, around the world.

Among his most legendary attributes, what many Fat Perez fans seem to love most about Fat Perez is his relatable golf, his unmatched confidence in his skin, his disregard for the hate, and his flair for golf.

Anne Cole Walker supports her husband in his career. Whether Anne Cole and Nick have a joint business besides YouTube and social media is not publicly stated. However, the couple made an unconscious appearance in the web space not too long ago, and it’s not about golf!

Anne Cole Walker and Nick Stubbe on “My Registry”

The couple’s wedding registry is listed on The Knot (.com) and My Registry (.com) under the name, “Anne Cole Walker & Nick Stubbe’s Wedding Registry” on June 12, 2021.

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Fat Perez Bob Does Sports Wife

The Richmond, Virginia, couple, Anne Cole Walker and Nick Stubbe, have opened a wedding registry at where family and friends can visit and wish them well on their special day.

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