Nick Stubbe Fat Perez Net Worth, Virginia

Fat Perez Aka Nick Stubbe – an expo on the internet golfer, how he’s shaking the internet, unknown facts about FP, and everything in-between!

Fat Perez Virginia 

Fat Perez, born and partly-raised in Richmond, Virginia, fell in love with golf when he was just 6 years old. During summer time, he usually had his dad drop him off at the Jefferson Lakeside Country Club while going to his job. He would devote his entire day to honing his golf technique at the club, and on occasion, he would also dabble in some tennis.

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Nick Stubbe Aka Fat Perez 

Nick Stubbe first met Tom Barry, who would later serve as his mentor for a while, at the Jefferson Country Club. He kept up his golf game while he was in college and played on the Hampden-Sydney College golf team dating 2007 — 2009.

Nick Stubbe Aka Fat Perez enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013 to work toward a bachelor’s of science in accounting.

The Journey To ‘The Fat Perez Golf’

Nick decided to work as an internal audit associate for Risk Advisory Services after graduating because he realized he couldn’t go pro. He worked for the business for just over a year before joining Commonwealth Commercial Partners, LLC. The man, Fat, has garnered some positions with CCP, LLC, including senior accountant, asset manager, and property accountant since 2017 till date.

What is Fat Perez Net Worth?

Fat Perez is not only a skilled golfer; he is also a smart businessman and asset manager. By 2023, Nick Stubbe aka Fat Perez’s net worth is estimated at $3.7 million.

In addition to a clothing line, Youtube, and other social media platforms, Fat has developed multiple streams of income over the years.

Fat Perez And Bob Does Sports 

Nick Stubbe decided to follow the Brilliantly Dumb Podcast on Instagram after he began to receive clips of their amusing skits about sports and golf from friends during COVID. While working overtime one day, He browsed through his Instagram and saw that Brilliantly Dumb was hosting a happy hour. He made the decision to attend. Check out the full story in our previous series, Bob Does Sports Real Name | Unknown Facts.

Fat Perez And Grant Vs BusaJack

Good Good, Bob Does Sports, and BustaJack are some big golf names you’d be seeing often whenever you type Fat Perez as a query. The reason ain’t far-fetched. FP is closely affiliated with the aforementioned guys on different levels.

Now that Grant has left good good, he’s been aggressively bringing golf content through his personal channel. Bob Does Sports, Good Good, and BusaJack would easily pass of as 3 among the best golf channels on YouTube!

The fat Perez net worth

This season, Grant brought in some heat when he indulged Bob Does Sports and BusaJack to a wild game of golf. Check out the video tagged — This Could’ve BROKE YouTube Golf. FP’s Instagram is also bustling this period.

Their pact could very well be among the best foursome golf crew you’d see on YouTube yet. All the personalities are the most down to earth and relatable.

After Grant’s 2nd shot on #7 rolls in tight – Grant faces the camera and gives an amazing “Phil Mickelson” smile. Now, that’s what you call Epic joy of golf moment.

With Fat Perez bringing FP vibes as usual, the game might be the best quality competition we’ve seen in a long time. 4 dudes, all scratch handicap, great personalities. Honestly couldn’t be any better.