Gabby Golf Girl Age, Career, Instagram, Handicap, Net Worth

Looking at the career of a young golf enthusiast who is passionate about the game such as Gabby Golf Girl can be a great way to learn new things about golf and challenge yourself.

By observing her strategies, techniques, and dedication, you may be able to pick up new tips and tricks that can improve your own golf game.

Additionally, watching someone else’s progress can motivate you to work harder and strive for your own goals. For that reason, we have on our desk today, info about the young golf enthusiast and rising star, Gabby Golf Girl.

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Gabby Golf Girl – Brief Intro!

Making headway in golf as a high schooler may not be the easiest feat for several reasons. Such is the case of Gabby, the center of our discussion.

Remember that golf is a sport that requires a lot of skill and practice to excel in. It can take years of dedicated training and practice to develop the necessary skills and techniques to become a competitive golfer.

Secondly, golf can be an expensive sport to participate in, which may make it difficult for some high schoolers to access the necessary resources and training opportunities.

Additionally, high schoolers may face increased pressure to balance their academic commitments with their extracurricular activities, which can make it challenging to find the time and energy needed to excel in golf.

So, while it is certainly possible for high schoolers to make headway in golf, it may require a significant amount of dedication, hard work, and resources to do so.

Despite these challenges, our rising star golfer Gabby, Aka Gabby Golf Girl, has managed to stand out from the crowd, and is making rounds in the golf web space.

What is Gabby Golf Girl Age?

Gabriella DeGasperis, popularly known by her stage name Gabby Golf Girl is 15 years old as at 2023. The YouTube and Instagram golfer shares golf clips and advice regularly. Gabby was born in Bronxville, NY, but raised in Braircliff, Manor, NY. Her family now live in Palm Beach, Florida.

Gabby Golf Girl Career 

Gabriella was in Eighth Grade when ‘The Neersyde’ first profiled her as Gabby Golf Girl in 2021. Based on reports, DeGasperis began taking up golf at the age of two. She began competing in golf tournaments three years later, at age 5.

But familial impact haven’t been entirely absent. Since she was a young child, her father has been coaching her in the sport he introduced her to.

In 2021, Gabby said to The Neersyde, “My mom also helps me emotionally.” She further mentioned that her Dad was at the forefront of her coaching because of his experience in golf.

Ron DeGasperis is the Gabriellas father. He claims to be a “avid but average golfer,” according to a report in Westchester Magazine from a few years back.

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Gabby Golf Girl Social Media – Instagram, YouTube 

With over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 180,000 subscribers on Instagram, Gabby is a force to be reckoned with. Yes, her star is definitely on the rise!

Only April this 2023, Gabby posted …nd in the video we saw her offer very practical advice regarding music, especially about just buying a good seat to your favorite artist at a regular venue instead of a festival, if you’re interested in the music. At this point, many fans have come to terms with the fact that Gabby is a wise girl for her years.

Fast forward to the video of Gabby’s match against pro wakeboarder Steel Lafferty. You’d probably sum it up as a great video! Of course, we loved the positive energy and chemistry between Gabby and Steel, especially as Steel seems to be a solid dude in the game.

Gabby Golf Girl Net Worth

As of the time of this publication, Gabby Golf Girl’s Net Worth is estimated at $76,000 fast approaching$100,000. Also, statistics from her YouTube make it possible to make an estimate based on daily and total view time.

Gabby Golf Girl Handicap/ Swing 

Gabby has a smooth and effortless swing and is generally great at hitting her marks. Even though she hasn’t attained PGA tour level, we do know that once her putting starts to get on fire, she will be tough to beat!

Watching the video, we couldn’t help but notice how, any time someone says good shot, Gabs will stop whatever she’s saying, mid-sentence, to say thank you. In that regard, Gabby’s parents have done such a good job. What many still don’t understand however, is how she’s a Trump fan! But that’s topic for another day —

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Doting on Gabby Golf Girl

What would we pass as Gabby’s personality on the course? Or which Gabby Golf Girl videos were you captivated by the most? For one, she offers good golf tips, like we saw in one of her vids, Gabby’s swing thought on driver.

Or was it the time she played against bob does sports?

Gabby Golf Girl is amazing. She is way ahead of her age. And more importantly, her explanations and simplifying of a golf swing is awesome. So here’s some thumbs up to Gabby to keep up the great content!