Mac Boucher Golf, Early Life, Career

Mac Boucher joins the list of our favorite Insta Golfers with his brilliant content.

If you saw Mac for the first time on a TXG video, you’d agree that he’s a joy to watch. How he goes about the game is really unique and incredibly fun.

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Who Is Mac Boucher?

Mac Boucher is better known as an Instagram Golfer than a YouTube Golfer. However, he makes an effort to balance his prestige on both platforms. The internet golfer has garnered over 7.5K fans on his Instagram and almost 1K followers on his Twitter account.

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Mac Boucher is closely-affiliated with TaylorMade Golf, Trottie Golf, Tour Experience Golf, and Andy Carter Golf, where he collaborates with different golfers and Golf Brands to share golf resources and clips. His Twitter account, where he posts Golf clips is @macbouchergolf.

Mac started to become prominent on our screens in the year 2021 to the early last year 2022 as The Hottest Man In Golf. However, rumors have it that he may have been in the background way before then, and there’s some proof to this claim.

Also, Mac Boucher confirmed that he didn’t just begin to appear in golf as many people believe. He said this in his interview with Primo Golf, which you will see shortly.

Mac Boucher Golf | Reasons Why We Love Mac Boucher 

  • His Consistency: Some fans will say that Mac is like the player we all wanted to become when we were 16, simply because It’s crazy what he can do with consistency.
  • He Fits In With Other Players: When Mac is on the course with Fraser, it’s two contrasting yet effective styles. Fraser plays in a traditional style that is very controlled and precise versus Boucher, who has a more free swing but is aggressive to his spot. Their collaboration shows observers that the key to getting better at your golf game is finding your style to getting the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots.
  • He Makes Learning Look Easy: If you’re still learning to shape shots, you’d agree that Mac makes it seem like a walk over.
  • He Has An Eye For Entertainment: Mac has got to be one of the most entertaining Golfers on Youtube. Mac’s Strategy sums up in three – Grab a club, rip it, and repeat!
  • He Selects His Tracks Well: If you follow Mac Boucher closely, you’d observe that he always tries to play the most stunning Tracks. It hits new when you pick up your club and play to a position, with no trees or shite to keep you from a wayward.

Mac Boucher Early Life

Mac Boucher shared his story with Primo Golf Apparel in Utah around December 2022. In the interview with Primo Golf, Mac revealed that he is from Canada, and everyone assumes he is French Canadian because of his name Boucher, pronounced like Voucher, not with the “French Valet” intonation.

How Did Mac Boucher Start Playing Golf?

When asked how he started playing golf, Mac said he started pretty late. He picked the game up at a later age after trying different sports. He said that growing up he played different kinds of sports – soccer and hockey, and according to him, if a Sport was active enough for him, he was up for it.

Mac said he wasn’t interested in golf, because he felt it was too slow-paced. However, at some point in his life growing up, they dicovered a cyst inside his brain about the size of a golf ball. He said he suffered concussions because of the cyst in his brain.

Mac said that along the line, he took up golf because playing golf helped him deal with what was going on in his life and not think about things too much.

Mac Boucher Instagram

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Mac Boucher Career

When Primo Golf asked Mac Boucher when he stopped pursuing professional golf and started doing other things, he said he played professional golf and soon realized he wasn’t good enough, so he abandoned it and went for the teaching route. According to Mac, he traveled to New Zealand at the time, as he was more interested in pursuing a residency there.

Halfway through the video Mac Boucher stated that he never and still doesn’t consider himself an influencer for golf. He said he considers himself a Dude who likes golf, and he would like to keep it that way.

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Mac Boucher Golf

Mac Boucher Golf, Early Life, Career


Watching the video tagged Head To Head by Tour Experience Golf, we saw Ian and Mac go against each other on the course at The Paintbrush in Caledon, Ontario.

Of course, we enjoyed how they kept encouraging one another to bring their best selves to the game. How good sportsmanship ought to be. It was entertaining to watch them battle. Also interesting how they compare their performance on the course to that in the bay.

It was also fascinating to observe how differently Ian and Mac approach each hole. In terms of video production, the guys have made significant progress. They have excellent drone footage.

Many viewers remarked how fascinating it was to observe Mac and Ian’s seemingly opposed performance styles. Mac comes across as a free-wheeling gun slinger in every way, while Ian comes off as very methodical, tactical, and measured.

If we were to sum up the video, it’d be best-described as “polar opposite playing styles on a cool piece of property”.