Fat Golfer Who Smokes 

Golf is sometimes perceived as an aristocratic, snobby sport, so when individuals like the golden-haired bomber shatter those assumptions, fame is bound to follow.

Upon entering the Tour, Daly quickly gained the moniker “Long John” because no one could hit the ball farther. He was the initial PGA Tour player to reach more than 300 yds per hit throughout a complete season in 1997, according to official statistics collected since 1980.

This demonstrates that Daly has acquired several names and titles, and the moniker “Fat Golfer Who Smokes” allegedly ranks among Daly’s most infamous ones.

Who is The Fat Golfer Who Smokes? 

The appellation of The Fat Golfer Who Smokes is given to John Daly. There are many reasons to adore the two-time major champion, including chain smoking on greens, downing beers, and unusual attire.

When he emerged on the scene in 1991 to win the PGA Championship, it defied all predictions that he would ever win a major championship.

He then won the Open Championship at the storied St. Andrews in 1995, and he came back again to Scotland seeking victory in the 150th running of golf’s most illustrious competition.

Daly was renowned for his brutal strength and set a record on the PGA Tour by averaging more than 300 yards from the hole.

When he defeated Constantino Rocca in a playoff to win the 1995 Open, British viewers got a close-up look at him.

He was on par with players like Greg Norman and Sandy Lyle after winning two majors, but his later career was marred by wildly inconsistent play. Amateur golfers will be able to identify with his struggle.

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Why Is John Daly The Fat Golfer Who Smokes?

Fat Golfer Who Smokes 
John Daly
  • He previously said that he never goes to the gym since they forbid smoking there. The fact that John Daly has earned the nickname “The Fat Golfer Who Smokes” is due to statements like these.
  • Daly’s design decisions usually generate controversy, and in certain cases, eccentric fashion preferences have been connected to addiction to tobacco and alcohol.
  • Daly was and is a significantly bigger character who over the years has undoubtedly enjoyed himself, sometimes too much, and that has tangled up with him on multiple occasions.
  • His coach Butch Harmon resigned in 2008 after declaring that “the most essential factor in Daly’s world is getting wasted,” and he had previously been detained for intoxication outside of a Hooters.
  • In a final-round breakdown at the 1998 Bay Hill Invitational, he famously shot six golf balls into the water. Insane for a sane man.
  • The 56-year-old has already discussed how his father’s abuse led to his drinking problems.
  • His weight has been an ongoing issue, and to control it, he even had gastric band surgery in 2009.


Fat Golfer Who Smokes 
John, Daly

While he has gone by many monikers over the years, including The Lion, Wild Thing, and Long John, John Daly has undoubtedly been in the golfing spotlight and doesn’t appear to be backing down any time soon. He also has a beard that would be the envy of most guys.