The Hidden Truth Behind Tiger Woods Still Playing Golf

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Tiger Woods' Exceptional Journey in golf

Tiger Woods' battle with injuries

Rumours & Speculations Around Woods' Rehabilitation 

Is Mr. Woods now Mr. Glass?

The accident that changed it all

Still Thriving 

Tiger Woods FAQs 


For nearly four years, there has been a lingering question: ‘How is Tiger Woods still playing golf? Thanks to advancements in medical technology, Tiger has undergone successful surgeries, including the fusion of vertebrae. Additionally, his financial resources, ample free time, and access to top-notch training have played a significant role in his rehabilitation process.

But it’s 2024, and people are keen to know Woods’ status in the golf realm which brings them to ask, ‘Does Tiger Woods Still Play Golf?

Tiger Woods’ Exceptional Journey in golf

To be completely honest, Tiger Woods is truly exceptional. His resilience was evident early on, and his performance at the 2008 US Open while nursing a broken leg speaks volumes about his character. The sheer determination and courage he displayed in attempting a comeback is truly remarkable. Even if he had chosen to retire without undergoing back surgery, many would still regard him as the greatest golfer of all time. His achievements from 1996 to 2008 were nothing short of legendary.

It was truly incredible to see Tiger Woods push through numerous injuries and continue to achieve more victories. And to cap it off with a remarkable comeback at Augusta last year, winning his 15th major at the Masters, is the stuff of movies. Not only is he still actively competing in golf, but he is also winning tournaments – even against competitors who idolized him and modeled their work ethic and training after him.

Tiger Woods’ battle with injuries 

Many are unaware of the extensive effort required for such rehabilitation. Tiger Woods has undergone significant changes and will never be the same. His swing in his 40s differs from his younger years, and that’s to be expected. It’s a challenge to maintain his performance with a surgically repaired back. He will likely face ongoing struggles with his back, not just in his golf career but throughout his life.

However, most fans will always admire and be amazed by the remarkable achievements of Tiger Woods throughout his career, especially during these later years on the PGA Tour where he continues to defy expectations. Whether it’s due to genetics, dedication, successful surgeries, or a mix of all three, his performance remains truly astonishing.

Due to numerous back injuries, Tiger Woods underwent a back fusion surgery that enables him to execute a somewhat manageable golf swing for a professional player. As a result, he has experienced a decrease of 20-30 yards in his driving distance, and he is unable to compete frequently. However, his mental resilience surpasses that of his competitors, and his extensive knowledge of courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and Bay Hill, where he has played numerous times, sets him apart.

Rumours & Speculations Around Woods’ Rehabilitation 

Since the beginning of 2024, many of Tiger Woods’ fans have been questioning whether it’s unexpected that he has withdrawn or failed to make the cut in four out of six tournaments since his return to professional golf following the car accident. Undoubtedly, Woods has endured numerous injuries and his injury history is extensive. The fact that he can still compete at a top level is a testament to his sheer determination. So, it’s not surprising if a professional athlete is unable to practice.

Is Mr. Woods now Mr. Glass?

Therefore, if a professional golfer is unable to practice their swing, or more precisely, their sense of distance control diminishes. The finesse aspect of the game is the first to suffer when practice is lacking, resulting in higher scores if the player is unable to place the ball close to the target. In tournaments, the eventual winner typically does not rely solely on making long putts from 50 feet away throughout the competition.

In order to contend for a tour victory, it is essential to hit the ball close to the hole, as this significantly simplifies putting and ultimately results in lower scores. Some believe that Tiger Woods should consider changing his nickname from “Mr. Tiger” to “Mr. Glass,” as they perceive him as fragile now.

The accident that changed it all

In May 2024, numerous reports revealed that Tiger Woods diligently adheres to a strict daily routine to maintain his performance at the top level of golf. Despite facing various injury challenges in recent years, Tiger Woods continues to compete at the highest level on the PGA Tour, all thanks to the daily routine he faithfully follows.

Throughout his career, Woods has established himself as arguably the greatest athlete in golf, securing 82 victories on the PGA Tour, which includes 15 major championships. However, in more recent times, the golfing legend has faced challenges, particularly after sustaining career-threatening injuries in a car accident in February 2021.

Still Thriving 

Tiger Woods has shared insights into the daily regimen that enables him to persist in competing on the PGA Tour despite these setbacks. It is safe to say that Mr Woods is still thriving against all odds.

Following Tiger Woods’ accident in 2021, the 48-year-old has been compelled to transition to a part-time playing career on the Tour. This adjustment has resulted in him participating in only eight tournaments since his comeback at the Masters in April 2022. Tiger Woods gained entry into the 2024 US Open field through an exemption.

Woods competed in the Masters tournament held from April 11 to 14, 2024, at Augusta National Golf Course. Additionally, Tiger Woods has confirmed his participation in the 2024 U.S. Open, as the 15-time major champion has accepted a USGA exemption to join the field at Pinehurst.

Tiger Woods FAQs 

What is Tiger Woods net worth? 

Tiger Woods’ net worth was estimated to be around $1.3 billion as of 2024.

Will Tiger Woods play in 2024?

Tiger Woods has confirmed his participation in the 2024 U.S. Open tournament.

When is Tiger Woods’ next tournament?

His next tournament after the U.S. Open is not specified in the provided information.

How is Tiger Woods doing today?

Tiger Woods has opened up about the unique daily routine he follows to keep in shape despite sustaining several injuries in his golf career.

Who is Tiger Woods’ wife?

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife is Elin Nordegren.

Who is Charlie Woods?

Charlie Woods is Tiger Woods’ son.

What is Tiger Woods’ age?

Tiger Woods is currently 48 years old. Born 30 December 1975.

Who is Tiger Woods’ son?

Tiger Woods has two children, a son named Charlie Axel Woods and a daughter named Sam Alexis Woods.