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Many amateur golfers have spent their whole lives playing and learning the game, but 15-year-old Paris Hilinski is different from other amateur golfers. The native of La Quinta, California, only began playing the sport six years ago.

In 2019, she competed in the U.S. Women’s Amateur at the Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, Mississippi, and in June 2019 at the Country Club of Charleston, she again participated in the U.S. Women’s Open.

Growing up, Hilinksi was always interested in sports like soccer and surfing. When she stays at home, she continues to surf, but at the age of 12, she chose to take up golf so that she could play with her father, John, a devoted golfer. And as she continued to train, she improved, and golf quickly became Hilinski’s passion. When she eventually defeated her father, everything fell into place for her.



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Paris Hilinksi’s Dad Is Her Support System

Hilinski claimed that she had mostly enjoyed golf’s competitive element. She made notice of her lifelong interest in sports and competition. She enjoys both the cerebral and physical aspects of golf more than any other sport.

Hilinski usually trains two or three rounds a week, although she acknowledges that since she only discovered the sport recently, she needs to make up her on-course trials. Her rivals may fall back on a large number of crucial competition rounds, but this is not the case for Paris.

John, Paris’s father, previously remarked in an interview that his daughter Paris spent four to six hours on the driving range trying to make contact with the center face of the club. He remarked that it is always impressive to see her efforts because it may be challenging to muster the motivation and will to play a sport like Golf.

John added that Paris’ commitment to practice from the time she started playing was what helped her to fast advance to her current level. The ability to ignore the gravity of the situation and participation in these competitions are what ultimately make the difference. We can all agree that Paris Hilinksi is beyond her years in terms of her capacity to stave off defeat.


Paris Hilinksi | Her Journey

Paris Hilinksi Dad
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Since she began playing golf, Paris has participated in half-dozen competitions.

At the LoneStar Girls Invitational in 2018, she won her first amateur match, but things started to pick up steam in the spring of 2019 when she qualified for the U.S. Women’s Amateur Four-Ball Championship. Even though she and her partner were unsuccessful in moving on to the match play phase, for Hilinski, it was just the beginning.

Paris traveled to Pittsburgh to compete in sectional qualifying for the U.S. Women’s Open, where she placed the first alternate. She got a call from the USGA on the Sunday before the competition when she was out in the field.

John, Paris Hilinksi’s father, said it was a tense event. The announcement of the invitation, he claimed, was both thrilling and overwhelming, and then everyone immediately realized that Paris would have to go to the game.


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Hilinski was at the time the second-youngest player on the team. She, unfortunately, failed to make the cut in the U.S. Women’s Open (83-81), but her father described the situation as an incredible learning opportunity anyway.

John claimed that Paris could recount how difficult the U.S. Women’s Open was in retrospect. He recounted how her past experiences had taught her to always be ready before leaving for play. Because of this, she always seeks to be ready, which is beneficial whether she performs well or not.

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