Matt Scharff Proposal

On September 4th, 2022, Matt Scharff uploaded on his YouTube channel that he is no longer a boyfriend as he has upgraded his status to Fiancé. In the video he titled – I Asked Her To Marry Me, we saw Matt propose to his girlfriend, Saddie.


Matt Scharff Proposal| The Execution 

Matt has been dating his girlfriend, Saddie, for two years since he joined Good Good Golf. In the video, he admitted to being nervous about proposing to Saddie.

He mentioned his desire to plan for a trip to Egypt, or one of the most beautiful spots in the world to propose to Saddie. However, he said it felt fitting to pick a place he and Saddie both loved as their date location.

Matt admitted to making Saddie dress up and take some pictures and he mentioned that it was their last day in Santorini so he figured it’d be great if they both dressed up and took some good pictures.

The plan was for Matt to stand right behind Saddie and act like he was taking her a few pictures, and then he’ll turn around, get down on one knee, and ask her to be his wife. Thankfully, Matt executed the plan excellently.

Remember that Grant recently got engaged to his girlfriend, so he offered to help Matt execute his proposal. The spot Matt decided to propose was in a Mountain cave pool with flowers and a beautiful backdrop to look at in camera.

In the video, Matt proposed to Saddie, and she accepted. Grant commented on how good of an actor Matt was.

So here are congratulations to Matt on his engagement with Saddie. We would agree that he is one of our favorite Good Good Guys. From the comments under the video, one would observe that many Good Good fans think Matt and Saddie are a beautiful couple.


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Of course, they couldn’t have picked a better place for their proposal, and it was interesting to watch their journey, and the video of their engagement. We wish them the best of luck!


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Matt Scharff Proposal


It seems all the Good Good Guys are getting engaged this season. Matt’s story is something special. Watching him grow as a golfer, a career man, and a future husband is inspiring.

His personal life and choices are all part of who he is, and the Good Good community is so glad for him. We know this because many viewers were so focused on Matt’s activities and that Titanic move.

Matt Scharff’s proposal was an unbelievable moment, and an amazing experience to share with everyone.