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Claire Hogle, the pretty and witty YouTube Golfer, is fast becoming a sensation in the realm of Golf. Claire is known for her beautiful swing, so fluid and graceful. Watching how far she hits her clubs, we saw her deliver a beautiful, consistent, repetitive swing. It’s not a surprise why many people would just prefer to sit back and watch Claire hit.

By simply looking at her yardage for her club, anyone would see how consistent she is and how her clubs go up or down 10yards. As a result, fans have always anticipated the day Claire plays in a knockout competition with the boys from Good Good. Even though she hasn’t fulfilled this wish entirely, she has gone a good way off. Not too long ago, we saw Claire in a rematch with Garrett.



Garrett Clark, founder of Good Good Golf is a natural, and anyone would love to watch him play all day. Besides, we all know Grant is Garrett’s buddy on the course. The chemistry between Garrett and Grant is always off the charts. There’s nothing better than seeing such a consistent and talented golfer like Grant hit shots he normally wouldn’t. GG fans continue to request more of Garrett and Grant.

Random club challenges are always really entertaining, and this is something Garrett is always bringing to the table. But when Grant is not blessing our golf screens, Claire is another wonder we love to see.



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Claire Hogle and Garrett Clark | The Rematch

Outputting Claire is unheard of, but we see Garrett do it time and time again. Watching Clare and Garrett’s rematch together, fans love how Claire always brings good energy to the videos and how she is easy on the eyes. Also, many people want Garrett to continue bringing her back to the Good Good screen.

In the match, we saw something we don’t always see on Golfholics – Claire being pressured! Some viewers think Claire didn’t bring her “A” game to Texas because her game is a nearly flawless tee to green, and her putting is almost always Lights Out for any opponent. Some viewers think it was sweet of her to be letting Garrett win. Such a generous gesture!

Others think there’s something there with Garrett. Whenever Claire is around, his cheeks are red and the smile is out. We’re old enough to have seen this a time or two. A few others claim they had never seen Claire look so human on the course. Honestly, we all have those days!

But what is the majority of thoughts?

  • Garrett intentionally allows Claire have her wins.
  • We love Claire Hogle and Garrett Clark’s chemistry together.
  • Garrett Clark has a girlfriend and her name is Claire Hogle.
  • It’s fun to watch Claire and Garrett play and compete, because matches between the two are undoubtedly entertaining.
  • Claire Hogle and Garrett Clark are dating.
  • Claire is phenomenal. What’s missing is more confidence in her puts!

You and I both know that some of these statements are unverified and false. Besides, assumptions are nothing more than assumptions.

The Take-out

Claire Hogle Garrett Clark
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Golf is a lot like life. It comes with good and bad breaks. So this is kudos to two Golfers, with Hollywood looks, great talent, youth, drive, and ambition. Plus they seem to be very nice as well. Keep watching out for them!