Ron Rusell Jacksonville FL Net Worth & Pool Cost

Ron Russell, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and One-time World Champion of Disc Golf is a worthy topic of interest. Even though his estimated net worth is still under review, many sources claim that the former semi-professional racquetball player has earned millions from his disc golf career.

After living in his hometown, River Bends, Michigan for years, Ron Russell didn’t know the town had a Disc Golf course that hosted tournaments. He discovered this when his friend took him out to play a round of disc golf.

It wasn’t long before Russell realized he was a natural in the game. Soon afterward, Russell competed in the 1999 World Disc Golf Tournament, and wound up as the World Champion of the 1999 DGLO, taking home $4000 worth of prize money.

Today, Ron owns a company under a Building Business Intelligence license, and three other licenses under the Florida licensing board. So it is safe to say Ron has earned good fortunes from his company besides his sports career.

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How Much Did Ron Russell Pool Cost on Insane Pools?

In addition to being ranked the world’s largest swimming pool, the Ron Russell pool that has been topping the charts lately, costs $1 million. Construction of Ron’s pool was a Mega Project spearheaded by the Chilean company Crystal Lagoons. Many reports claim that the company carried over the pool construction project for five years, totaling the cost of $1 million.

The pool was custom-designed for Russell by Lucas Lagoons. Lucas Lagoons is known for filming Insane Pools. Lucas Lagoons commenced work on the pool with a start-up cost of about $250,000 within 50 miles of Sarasota, Florida. This was after the custom permitted and engineered the company to start work.

In a previous article about Ron Russell Disc Golf Net Worth, we saw how Russell’s estimated net worth is based on several assessments. Till date, Ron’s net worth is difficult to determine because he has assets of between $1 million to $5 million.

Many sources claim that Ron Russell’s pool cost is around $1 million. Regardless, the one-time world disc golf champion hasn’t officially clarified any details about his real net worth holding and wealth. Bear in mind that these figures remain the best guess!

Ron Russell Jacksonville Pool Cost | The Man Himself 

Ron Russell Jacksonville Pool Cost
Net worth

Ron Russell started his disc golf career back in the day when shirts only came in extra large or bigger. Back in the early 2000s, we saw kids get excited about buying a Storm from Ron Russell. We have also heard testimonies of people showing up to Addison Oaks about a week or two after the ’99 worlds and getting to congratulate him when he was there.

It’s all just a reenactment of the saying, “…A winner has many friends…”

Watching the game again, the chaos of the tournament and the gallery was what you’d call Interesting. Anyone could tell how the contestants were playing for the skins, not the title. It’s crazy how form and technique have converged in the last 10 years. Back when these guys were playing, it was the wild west. Nowadays, we see the likes of Matty O throw 1.5 degrees nose-up and everybody will be losing their minds over the novelty of it.

If you don’t yet know what a disc golf tournament director from the 90s looks like, watching the 1999 DGLO game will give you an idea. At this point, disc golf is gaining more popularity than ever before, but it would seem like the disc golf fans of the 90s were far more interested and passionate about disc golf than the disc golf fans of today. Perhaps this is as far as the sport goes!