Ron Russell Disc Golf Net Worth

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Ron Russell And Disc Golf

Disc golf was invented in the 1970s by Englishman David Palmer. Today, disc golf is played all over the world by millions of people who enjoy throwing a plastic disc into an Eagle, Hole, or Putter basket.
Most disc golfers play alone, but they also compete in tournaments like the World Championship and World Disc Golf Championships to show off their skills and have fun.

The sport has evolved from a casual hobby into a high-stakes competition with prize money for the best players. Disc golf’s net worth can be as large as $200 million, as it is played by millions of people around the world each year.

Here today, we have Ron Russell, a disc golf champion. And we will be talking about Ron Russell’s Disc Golf Net Worth.


Ron Russell’s Net Worth

Since his early childhood, Ron Russell has been a disc golf fanatic. This is evident when he convinced his dad to take him to the local course. He immediately gained passion and zeal for the sport and began competing in local tournaments from an early age.

Over time, Ron’s passion for disc golf grew into a career as a professional disc golfer. In 2017, he was nominated for “Disc Golf Professional of the Year” by PDGA and was named “Best New Disc Golfer” by Disc Golf World magazine.

Ron is also an avid outdoor buddy, and loves hunting, fishing, and camping with his dog. His disc golf net worth is estimated at $500,000 in 2022.


A Brief Bio On Ron Russell

Born in 1945, Ron has been a disc golf enthusiast since the early 1970s. As far back as the 1970s, he was associated with the sport of disc golf in one way or another. He has competed in tournaments and charity events, and run contests for his local university club.

Ron has participated in disc golf promotional events for corporations such as Wham-O, Wilson Sporting Goods, and Anheuser-Busch. In the 1990s and 2000s, he took things one step further by establishing his own disc golf business – The Disc Golf Pro Shop.

The Disc Golf Pro Shop is located in Oregon and it sells everything from discs to clothing to bags to accessories. In addition to selling discs, The Disc Golf Pro Shop also organizes local disc golf tournaments. Ron and his wife, Janet, run his store.


Final Thoughts

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Reports reveal that even though Ron Russell hasn’t yet made the bulk of his money from his hobby, he does have some side hustles that have helped him build a small fortune throughout his life.

For instance, he has written several books about disc golf. Some of his books are introductory guides for beginner disc golfers.