BustaJack Golf Net Worth, Bio, Career, Simulator, Handicap (2023) 

Known for their golf reviews and recommendations, BustaJack Golf reviews everything from golf clubs to golfing accessories and provides honest opinions on their social media platforms, particularly YouTube.

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BustaJack Golf Biography 

BustaJack Golf is a digital media golf brand headed by Cole and Mason, who go by Busta and MadJack, as the name suggests – Busta x Jack. The duo are at the forefront in posting golfing tips and resources.

On their YouTube Bio, you’ll see the tagline – just two good ole boys playing golf. Busta and Jack are both golf enthusiasts and content creators who have been passionate about golf since their younger years.

The two guys created the BustaJack brand as a way to share their love for the game of golf with others. Based in the United States, BustJack has not stopped making waves in the golf world

BustaJack Golf Career 

BustaJack Golf came onto the YouTube screens in October 2021, and has garnered a total views of over 11.3 million. But that’s not the only platform the brand leverages for content. BustaJack is known for producing high-quality golf content on various digital platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter.

Their content focuses on golf tournaments between other golf channels like Good Good, Brilliantly Dumb, The Fat Perez, and PXG.

BustaJack Golf Net Worth simulator and PXG
BustaJack Golf & PXG

BustaJack also features golf course reviews, golf equipment reviews, golf swing tips, golf news, and interviews with professional golfers. BustaJack’s content is known for being engaging, informative, and entertaining for golf enthusiasts of all levels.

BustaJack is particularly known for relatable analysis of golf courses and destinations, providing valuable insights for those looking to plan a golfing holiday. BustaJack is also an advocate for golfing fitness and regularly shares tips and exercises to help golfers improve their strength and flexibility.

You’d catch the duo making inside jokes from time to time and talking about mental health in golf, plus how to cope with the pressures of the game. Oh! And because they recently graduated from scratch golfer stage, you’d find their errors super relatable if you are a beginner golfer.

What is BustaJack Golf Net Worth?

BustaJack Golf’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $100,000 from only YouTube, fast approaching $500,000 from other digital platforms if summed up. As a digital media company, it generates revenue through various channels such as advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

BustaJack has built a substantial following over the years, and its content is enjoyed by golf enthusiasts all over the world. On their YouTube channel BustaJack Golf has garnered more than 115,000 subscribers, and on their Instagram over 41k subscribers.

It is true that as bloggers and vloggers, it is difficult to estimate BustaJack’s net worth. However, the brand’s website and YouTube channel have a significant following, and has partnerships with several golfing brands. It is clear that BustaJack Golf has created a successful and influential brand in the world of golf, and the brand’s estimated net worth proves it.

BustaJack Golf Simulator

BustaJack Golf Simulator is a state-of-the-art golf simulator designed to provide golf enthusiasts with an immersive experience of playing golf indoors. It uses the latest technology to replicate the feel of playing golf on a real course, complete with all the obstacles, greens and hazards that you would find on a real golf course.

The BustaJack Golf Simulator includes a high-end computer, sensors, and software that work in combination to create an accurate 3D simulation of the golf course. The sensors track your swing, ball flight, and other key data, which is then fed into the software to generate a virtual representation of the ball’s trajectory. This allows you to track your progress, analyze your swings and improve your skills without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The truth is, besides TikTok and some social pages, much word hasn’t gotten out about the BustaJack Golf Simulator on their official website, but many fans project some of the key features of the BustaJack Golf Simulator to include custom course creation, online multiplayer, variable weather conditions, and detailed player data analysis. It is also compatible with a variety of golf accessories such as golf clubs, balls, and golf mats.

Overall, the BustaJack Golf Simulator would be an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their golf skills or enjoy the game of golf without worrying about the weather.

BustaJack Golf Handicap

BustaJack handicap is well above scratch golfer level, and here’s why;

A golf handicap is a measure of a player’s skill level in the game of golf. It is calculated by taking into account the player’s scores from previous games and adjusting them based on the difficulty level of the courses played.

September 2022, Cole and Mason were scratch golfers trying to score, not 10 handicaps trying to impress people with how far they hit their scoring irons. Take this instance:

Watching a 170 yard par 3 on Good Good, you’d typically hear Tig requesting that the guys stock 9 iron for him, and he’ll hit that iron within 15 feet. For Bubbie, he’d usually get there with a P by hitting a nasty hook 40 yards left of the pin, and he’ll praise himself for being pin high, 170 yards with a P.

For Bustajack, they’ll analyze the wind, talk about how the ball will roll once it hits the green, and they’ll frequently club up and swing easy.

Ultimately, we enjoy the banter of bustajack. Funny redneck is a solid combo for golf content, and you’d quickly notice how Tig Aka Micah Morris often lets his redneck out a little bit more around them.

Did you watch the BustaJack match in South Dakota? It was a banger! What would you make the BustaJack Boys handicap to be from the vid?

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BustaJack Golf Names

The BustaJack Golf guys are Mason Nutt who goes by @masonnutt on Instagram, and Cole Lantz A.k.a @MadJackGolf.

Who are the BustaJack Golf Members?

BustaJack Golf Net Worth Bio Career Simulator Handicap members
BustaJack Golf Net Worth Bio Career handicap

The BustaJack Golf Guys are composed of Cole Lantz and Mason Nutt, followed by a community of golfers who share a love for the game and appreciate BustaJack Golf content. The members are made up of avid golfers, golf fans, golf equipment manufacturers, golf course operators, and other stakeholders in the golf industry. The community is united by their passion for golf and their appreciation for BustaJack’s informative and entertaining content.

Members have access to exclusive discounts on golf equipment and merchandise, as well as access to exclusive content and events. Members also have the opportunity to connect with other golfers and participate in golfing challenges and competitions.