Mason nutt golf putter net worth wife married bio

If you’re a golf enthusiast or just someone who enjoys entertaining and informative content on social media, you’ve likely come across the name Mason Nutt. Based in Prosper, Texas, United States, Mason Nutt is a prominent figure in the world of golf, known for his work as a member and co-founder of BustaJack Golf.

Mason Nutt & BustaJack 

BustaJack Golf burst onto the scene in October 2021 and has quickly gained a massive following, with over 11.3 million views on various digital platforms. The brand, co-founded by Mason Nutt and his partner Cole Lantz, produces high-quality golf content that is both entertaining and educational. Mason Nutt, who goes by @masonnutt on Instagram, is a key figure in the BustaJack Golf team, providing valuable insights and analysis on golf tournaments, courses, and destinations.

The Mason Nutt & Cole Lantz Duo

One of the things that sets BustaJack Golf apart from other golf channels is their focus on relatable content. The team at BustaJack provides a fresh perspective on the world of golf, offering insights and tips that are accessible to golfers of all levels. They have also forged partnerships with other popular golf channels, such as Good Good, Brilliantly Dumb, The Fat Perez, and PXG, to collaborate on content and engage with a wider audience.

In addition to their content on social media, BustaJack Golf is also known for their advocacy for golfing fitness. Mason Nutt regularly shares tips and exercises to help golfers improve their strength and flexibility, showcasing his commitment to helping others achieve their best on the golf course.

Mason Nutt’s Wife? Is He Married?

Mason Nutt officially announced his engagement to the love of his life, Kassy Freeman on September 29, 2023. His wife is Kassy Freeman.

Who Is Mason Nutt Golf? College 

Mason Nutt went to Oklahoma State University. He is based in Prosper, Texas, United States. Mason Nutt’s journey to success in the world of golf is a testament to his hard work and dedication. He attended Oklahoma State University, where he honed his skills and passion for the game. His official announcement of his engagement to Kassy Freeman on September 29, 2023, was a joyous occasion for both Mason and his fans, as they celebrated the love and partnership between the two.

Mason Nutt Putter

But Mason Nutt is not just a talented golfer and content creator – he is also known for his wit and humor. In a post on Reddit about his new putter, Mason joked that it would ensure he never gets a girlfriend, thereby avoiding the risk of getting dumped. Fans of BustaJack Golf quickly dubbed the putter as “Busta Nutt approved,” joining in on the playful banter that Mason is known for.

While some may debate who the best putter on YouTube is, many fans believe that Mason Nutt’s skills on the green are unmatched. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to excellence are evident in all that he does, whether it’s producing engaging content for his followers or honing his golfing skills on the course.

Mason Nutt’s Net Worth 

As a successful entrepreneur, content creator, and golfer, Mason Nutt’s net worth reflects his hard work and passion for his craft. He is a shining example of what can be achieved through perseverance and dedication, and his journey serves as an inspiration to golf enthusiasts and content creators alike. See more details about Mason Nutt’s Net Worth here.


Mason Nutt is more than just a golfer and content creator – he is a role model for those who aspire to greatness in their chosen field. His work with BustaJack Golf has made a significant impact on the world of golf, and his engaging personality and humorous approach to content creation have endeared him to fans around the world.

Whether he’s sharing tips for improving your game or making you laugh with his witty jokes, Mason Nutt is a talent to watch in the world of golf and beyond.