100+ NEVER-USED Funny Fantasy Baseball Names of 2024

Funny fantasy baseball names you’ve probably never thought of!

Hey there, baseball enthusiasts and comedy lovers! Are you ready to bring the ultimate laughter to your fantasy baseball league? Look no further, as we have unearthed a treasure trove of hilarity with the 100+ never-used funny fantasy baseball names of 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy player or a newcomer to the game, one thing is for sure: these clever, witty team names will have your opponents rolling on the floor in laughter. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this side-splitting roster of fantasy baseball team names that are sure to inject some laughter into your league season!

Funny Fantasy Baseball Names: The Top 15

1. The Big Bunted Theory

Kick off your fantasy season with this hilarious pun on the popular TV show, “The Big Bang Theory,” with a baseball twist!

2. The Batting Cages

Show off your hitting skills by selecting this name, which hints at your powerful offensive lineup.

3. The Curveball Comedians

Rely on your team’s sneaky curveballs to bamboozle your opponents and leave them in stitches.

4. The Home Run Hooligans

This team name is perfect for power hitters who refuse to settle for anything less than a home run!

5. The Double Dippers

Crafted for those fantasy players who consistently find themselves crushing two-base hits and owning the basepaths.

6. The Strikeout Specialists

Celebrate your pitching prowess with this team name, designed for those who excel in leaving batters swinging and missing.

7. The Base Stealing Bandits

If you have a breakneck speed on your team, then this name will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

8. The MVP (Most Vicious Puns)

This team name is apt for a group of lighthearted players who never miss an opportunity for a good pun.

9. The Infield Insiders

Display your infield’s defensive prowess while also giving a nod to your craftiness on the diamond.

10. The Batter Bashers

When your team’s mission is to pummel every pitch into oblivion, this name is an excellent choice.

11. The Fantasy Golden Glovers

Tip your hat to the legends of the game by choosing this name, suited for a team with outstanding fielding skills.

12. The No-Hit Wonders

For those who dominate the mound and regularly leave opposing teams searching for their first hit of the game.

13. The Grand Slam Gurus

Make it loud and clear that your team has a knack for swinging for the fences and scoring the most coveted runs.

14. The Dugout Comedians

Perfect for teams known for their hilarious banter and camaraderie within the dugout.

15. The Bullpen Bully Boys

This team name channels the fierce and intimidating presence of your bullpen pitchers, guaranteeing domination late in games.

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A List Of 100+ Funny Fantasy Baseball Names (The Remainder)

Here are 90 funny fantasy baseball names to spark some laughter in your league:

1. The Base Desires

2. Bat Attitudes

3. Pitchy Business

4. The Foul Tippers

5. The Bunt Bunch

6. The Curveball Cuties

7. The Wild Pitches

8. The Dinger Kings

9. The Outfield Oddballs

10. The Home Plate Hotshots

11. The Strikeout Superstars

12. The Catcher Comedians

13. The Stealing Sneakies

14. The Double Play Delights

15. The No-Run Nahs

16. The Fastballs and Furious

17. The Designated Drinkers

18. The Infield Insanity

19. The Bench Warmers’ Revenge

20. The Four-Bag Funnies

21. The Batting Average Jokers

22. The Bat Flippers

23. The Closer Comedians

24. The Out-of-the-Parkers

25. The Bullpen Buffoons

26. The Slider Sluggers

27. The Bat Flip Flops

28. The Umpire Whisperers

29. The Strike Zone Masters

30. The Line-Drive Lads

31. The Pitch Perfect Jesters

32. The Diamond Dominators

33. The Catcher’s Mitt Wit

34. The Curveball Crusaders

35. The Triple Crown Champs

36. The Bad Hops and Bottom Drops

37. The Batting Stances Babes

38. The Foul Ball Fanatics

39. The Fly Ball Follies

40. The Bat Signal Seekers

41. The Knuckleball Krazies

42. The Dugout Dandies

43. The Fantasy Funsters

44. The Baseball Buffoons

45. The Change-Up Chefs

46. The Funny Filibusters

47. The Walk-Off Wonders

48. The Bullpen Banterers

49. The Stealing Stars

50. The Batting Helmet Heroes

51. The Sweet Swing Swindlers

52. The Bunt Bonanzas

53. The Grand Slam Gang

54. The Strikeout Surprises

55. The Rounding Thirds

56. The No-Hit Wonders

57. The Ballpark Bandits

58. The Diamond Divas

59. The Curveball Charmers

60. The Shutout Superstars

61. The Bat-to-the-Bones

62. The Foul Ball Fiasco

63. The Gold Glove Gurus

64. The Big League Buffoons

65. The Pitchfork Pranksters

66. The Home Run Hysterics

67. The Sandlot Shenanigans

68. The Strike Zone Standouts

69. The Bat Mitzvahs

70. The Bat and Breakfast Club

71. The Fidget Spinsters

72. The Dugout Dazzlers

73. The Commissioner Schedulers

74. The Pickoff Players

75. The Curveball Clowns

76. The Strikeout Sensations

77. The Stolen Base Silliness

78. The Homer Hankies

79. The Infield Intimidators

80. The Outfield Outlaws

81. The Triple Crown Terrors

82. The Bat Flip Bandits

83. The Bullpen Bashers

84. The Slider Swingers

85. The Base Bourbonaires

86. The Baserunning Bozos

87. The Home Run Hijinks

88. The Batting Helmet Hooligans

89. The Funny First Basemen

90. The Glove Story Goons

Feel free to mix, match, and modify these names to suit your team’s personality and have a fabulous season full of laughter in your fantasy baseball league!

Side Note For Funny Fantasy Baseball Names 

Seriously, we could go on and on with these funny fantasy baseball names for days! From puns and play on words to pop culture references and clever antics, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a comical team name for your league. It’s crucial to remember that humor is subjective, so it’s wise to keep the preferences and boundaries of your fellow league members in mind when making your selection.

The ultimate goal is to bring a smile to everyone’s faces, not to offend or alienate anyone. Fun and friendly competition should always be at the forefront when engaging in fantasy sports.


In the world of fantasy baseball, the team name you choose is a reflection of your passion, creativity, and overall love for the game. It demonstrates that you take your fantasy league seriously while also acknowledging that laughter and entertainment should be at the heart of it all. So, don’t be shy! Unleash your inner comedian and let these 100+ never-used funny fantasy baseball names of 2024 inspire you to create the most memorable team name your league has ever seen.

Whether you opt for a punny wordplay twist or draw inspiration from pop culture, remember to embrace the spirit of fun and camaraderie. May your team name incite laughter, camaraderie, and a memorable season for all. Play ball!