Mandai Golf

Officially launched in 1993, and residing close to the Upper Seletar Reservoir, Mandai Golf is a Par 29, 9-hole public course. The golf course comes with GST, trolley rental, driving range, and others.

The Mandai Golf Course is an Executive Golf Course in Singapore, and it is friendly, no doubt. Suppose you want a Mandai Golf Lesson, you are in luck! The Mandai Golf Lessons are superb and all-inclusive.

Looking for an executive Golf Course, in Singapore?

If you like a good challenge, the Mandai golf course will be perfect for you, because the 18-hole championship golf course has a blend of challenging and undulating terrain, making it one of Singapore’s most competitive and enjoyable courses.


Overview of The Golf Course

Most reviews you’ll find about the golf course say it is the go-to place for beginner golfers. Many people claim it is where they started learning golf. And trust me, it’s easy to understand why.

Firstly, the course is designed to test your golfing skills. The Mandai course layout is long and narrow.
As for the future of the Mandai public golf course, we should be looking at something positive but uncertain either way.

If you haven’t had a golf round in Singapore ever, the Mandai Golf Course is an ideal stop for your first round of golf every year. This is because, the course has a wide range of tee boxes, from the long-term boxes on the back line and the fairways on the right, to the shorter tee boxes on the left, Mandai Golf is set to give you all of it.


Public Golf Course Singapore: Mandai Golf

Designed by Max Wexler, a world-famous architect, and rated as one of the most executive and luxurious golf courses in Singapore, Mandai Golf is a must-stop for sports championships and tourism functions.

The course is open to the public every day of the week, with no restrictions on engagements. As a member, you can leverage membership packages and discounted green fees for your benefit. The Mandai Golf Pro Shop is also something you should look into.


What To Expect?

Someone asked if I visit Mandai Golf, what great things can I do there?
For starters, there are a ton of fun things you can do at the public golf course. However, there are some unique activities I particularly find impressive, and I will list them right now.

It is the only Singaporean public golf course that offers two golf courses.
You can practice driving range in different areas to sharpen your golfing prowess.

Mandai Golf is the only course that lets you take practice balls to wherever you want – school, work, lectures, etc, as long as you return them. This feature is possible because they have an impressive Return System with balls.

There’s a golf academy you can book if you want to improve your golf game
So many traditional designs and inscriptions to fan-girl over

Even though the golf course has witnessed some touch-ups over the years, it still stands as a location where tourists and Singaporeans visit. The reason is simple – Mandai Golf offers a quintessential golfing experience.


Mandai Golf Dress Code

Mandai Golf doesn’t have a specific dress code. You can check my post on what to wear to TopGolf for insights about the ideal clothing for Mandai Golf and similar golf courses/clubs.

Mandai Golf Course Price

How about getting-a-hang-of the schedule of the services that the golf course has to offer? You can practice your swings better and develop your skills with that sole information.

The Mandai Golf Course price is generally affordable.

Flip through this brief list to see the time, rates, and prices for services offered at Mandai Golf, and know which ones you like.

Golf Course 

Top on the list is the golf course, and I bet that’s your primary focus. Mandai Golf Course caters to golfers of different skill levels, so whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the course is an excellent pick.

The services you get on the course include Putting facilities, Chip&Putt facilities, GST, and Trolley Rental. Booking rates vary for weekends and weekdays. Depending on when you decide to visit, they will charge you from $35 to $45.

Driving Range

The driving range at Mandai Golf is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. The rates for balls run from $3 to $9 based on the number of balls you want. Also, ball vending machines are present if you prefer to accept NETs Cash Card and Flash Pay.

Putting facilities or Chip&Putt facilities

The famous game of Chip & Putt has been around for years. If you are enthusiastic about the game, you can pay the $5 per hour entry fee to participate. The game is open only on weekdays from 5 pm to 7 pm, and on weekends from 7 am to 7 pm.

Mandai Golf Objectives

The Mandai Golf Course, currently under the care of Poh Bros Golf Management Pte Ltd, has witnessed some renovations, especially in the main building. All of this is to create a clean and welcoming aura.

The golf course has some objectives you might want to check out:

  • To provide and maintain the already recognized United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap Indexes.
  • To promote golf as a sport and provide a platform for members to interact and network.
  • To provide and organize regular golfing activities and privileges for enthusiasts.

Also, Mandai Golf has some rules and regulations. I recommend you to be compliant with their bye-laws, rules, and regulations if you want to enjoy a smooth golfing experience on the course.


Mandai Executive Golf Course Review

Mandai Golf Course Review
Bus on the road

The reviews we’ve heard from Mandai Golf visitors/customers over the years are subjective opinions, but they have been positive overall.

People say the course is well maintained, the prices are affordable, and the staff is welcoming.

Some say the managers are friendly and professional, and the environment is Cool and Quiet. Others maintain that the course is challenging to score but easy to play because of the diverse holes.

From my perspective, the Mandai Golf Course is the kind of golf course I’ll fancy for a spontaneous game of golf on a good day. There’s always a flight to engage in over the weekend, so I’ll say the location is the perfect training ground for competition.

Overall, the Mandai Executive Golf Course Review is pretty decent, feel free to confirm anytime.